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gse 0.1.6
John Cheetham May 2012

Project Homepage :

gse is short for GShogi Engine. It is a USI Shogi engine.
It can be used with a USI GUI to play shogi.

It is based on the engine from gShogi which itself is based on the
engine from GNU shogi.

This version of gse was written and tested on Fedora 14 64 bit.

See the project homepage for more information.


cd src

Before using gse with a gui you should check it works from the command line.
Check you can start it and it responds with usiok.

cd src
enter './' to run it
enter 'usi'
it should respond with 'usiok'
enter 'quit'

You should also see the message '# gse Book used 5668(8000)' indicating
that the engine is using the opening book.

On windows you can compile it under cygwin with the command 'make -f Makefile-cygwin'.

gse is a USI engine that should be used in conjunction with a USI GUI.
You can use it on Linux with gShogi or on windows with Shogidokoro.

Start the USI GUI and add gse as an engine by navigating to the gse/src/

gse will look for an opening book file called gse.bbk in the same 
directory as itself and will use it if present. gse.bbk is created
when compiling gse.

gse was tested with gshogi 0.4. It supports the features in gshogi 0.4
including handicap games and the various time controls.

Time control/Level support
Examples of time controls that can be used with gse.
Note that times on the go command are in milliseconds.


    e.g. 60 minutes game time plus 30 seconds byoyomi
    This means the player can make as many or as few moves as they like
    in the 30 minutes and after that they will have 30 seconds per move.

    go btime 3600000 wtime 3600000 byoyomi 30000    

    If you want a fixed time of 10 seconds per move:
    go btime 0 wtime 0 byoyomi 10000



    e.g. 40 moves in 5 minutes

    go btime 300000 wtime 300000 movestogo 40


    e.g. 30 minutes game time and 10 seconds bonus time per move
    This means the basic time for the game is 30 minutes and after
    each move a bonus of 10 seconds is added to the clock.

    go btime 1800000 wtime 1800000 binc 10000 winc 10000

Fixed Time Per Move

    e.g. 20 seconds per move
    go movetime 20000

Fixed Search Depth

    e.g. Terminate the search when a depth of 8 is reached.

    go depth 8

Infinite search

    The search will go on indefinitely and will only terminate if
    a stop command (move now) is sent from the gui.

    go infinite

Fixed No. of Nodes

    The search will terminate after a fixed no. of nodes has been searched.

    go nodes 10000000

gse is based on the gShogi engine (
gShogi is based on GNU shogi (

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