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NOTE: This project is no longer developed and has been archived.


Edax gui to play Othello against the Edax engine. Written in python3/Tkinter and licensed under the GPL v3+ (see the file named LICENSE). It was tested with edax 4.3.2 and Python 3.4.3 on Linux.


Python 3, tkinter, Edax.

Running OthelloTk

There are 3 ways to install/run it.

  1. Run it from the source folder by running the script:


  2. Install it on your system with the command:

    python install

    This command should be run as root user. You can then run it with the command 'othellotk'.

  3. Install it from PyPI

    pip install othellotk

    You can then run it with the command 'othellotk'.

Setting up the Engine Path

  1. Download the edax othello engine from This has a prebuilt binary for Linux 64 bit. You need to download the last release (4.4 at the time of writing). The files you need are edax-linux.7z and eval.7z.

    Create a folder and extract these files:

    7za x edax-linux.7z

    7za x eval.7z

  2. Start othelloTk.

  3. Do Engine/Set Engine Path and set the engine path to the edax executable. This is called edax-4.4.

  4. Start the game by left clicking to place a black stone.


You play black, computer plays white. Click on a square to place a black stone. If you find there are no legal moves then you can pass by right clicking anywhere on the board.

Edax allows you to configure engine settings in a file named edax.ini. Copy this file into the ~/.othelloTk/ folder (or into the edax bin folder). See edax documentaion for more on this.

To display debug messages use the -debug flag:

python -debug (or othelloTk -debug if installed)

If the engine is taking too long to move you can use ctrl-m to make it move instantly. Use the time control menu option to set the time to move.


Edax gui to play Othello against the Edax engine.







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