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Samuel 0.1.8
John Cheetham March 2013

Project Homepage : http://www.johncheetham.com/projects/samuel

Samuel is a Draughts program written in python/PyGTK/C++.
It is licensed under the GPL (see the file named LICENSE).

It is aimed mainly at Linux users but should work on other systems
too if you have python, PyGTK, GTK+, C++.

It is derived from guicheckers version 1.05. guicheckers is a draughts
program for windows which comes with source code. The C++ engine code,
board images and opening book/endgame databases all come from guicheckers.
So credit and thanks to the guicheckers people (programming by Jon Kreuzer
graphics by Josh Hess) for making their code available. You can find the
guicheckers website at http://www.3dkingdoms.com/checkers.htm. 

Samuel is named after Arthur Samuel, a pioneer of Computer Draughts, see

Python, PyGTK, GTK+, C++.


To build it you will need python-devel, gcc and gcc-c++ packages installed.

You can install these on Fedora 11 with:
    yum install python-devel gcc gcc-c++

For Ubuntu 9.04 do:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev    

Running Samuel from the Source Directory

    You can run samuel from the source directory without
    doing the full install.

    To do this:

        Enter 'python setup.py build' to build it.

        Then execute 'run.py' to start samuel

    Another way:

        Enter 'python setup.py build' to build it.

        Then locate the engine.so file under the build directory and copy it       
        into the same folder as samuel.py.

        Then execute 'samuel.py' to start samuel.

Installing on the system     

    Enter 'python setup.py build' to build it (as normal user).
    Then 'python setup.py install' to install it (as root user).


        You can check the build step worked by looking for a file called
        engine.so under the build directory.    

        Samuel should now be installed on your system. You can launch it from
        the gnome menu (under games) or type 'samuel' in any terminal window.

        There is no uninstall (distutils doesn't have one). If you need to     
        uninstall you have to make a note of the file names and then delete
        them manually.

        If running the build/install multiple times it's best to delete the
        build folder each time. 

By default the computer plays white, you play red. In English Draughts Red
moves first. Click on a red piece and then click on a destination square to
move it. The computer will then automatically move a white piece.

If you want to play as white instead of red then select 'options' then
'computer plays red' from the menu bar. You will then need to click 'Go'
or press 'g' to start the game and make the computer make the first move
for red.

If you play as white you can also enable the 'Flip the Board' feature so
that the white pieces are at the bottom of the board.

If the computer plays both white and red you need to click the Go button
each time to make the computer move. If you are playing Human vs Computer
then the computer will make its move automatically after the Human move.

Use the menu bar to set the level of difficulty or save the game etc.
Use the buttons at the bottom to rewind the game.

If you want to set the lowest level then select user-defined level and
set the search depth to zero.

User settings are stored in the file ~/.samuel/settings
You can delete this file to go back to the default settings. 
You may also want to delete this file if you get problems when switching from
one version of samuel to another since the format can change between versions.

See also the online help file at
This can be viewed in samuel from the help menu.

Summary of keyboard commands

    Keys        Function

    CTRL+N      New Game
    CTRL+O      Load Game
    CTRL+S      Save Game
    CTRL+Q      Quit Game
    m           Move Now - press this to make the computer move immediately
                when it's taking a long time thinking
    CTRL+C      Copy game to clipboard (in PDN format)
    CTRL+V      Paste game from clipbaord (in PDN format)
    CTRL++      Increase the board size
    CTRL+-      Decrease the board size
    CTRL+0      Reset board size to default size
    g           Same as the 'Go' button.
                Its main use is to make the computer make its move when the
                game is stopped.
    delete      Clear the board when in position edit mode 
    r           Retract last move
    [           rewind 1 move
    ]           forward 1 move
    {           rewind to start of game
    }           forward to end of game
    '3' - Used for opening book. See below.
    '2' - Used for opening book. See below.
    '4' - Used for opening book. See below.
    '6' - Used for opening book. See below.
    'K' - Used for opening book. See below.
    'S' - Used for opening book. See below.

Opening Book
The file opening.gbk contains moves for the opening book.
It comes from guicheckers pre-seeded with opening moves.

You can modify it with these commands: 
    '3' - Add Current Board position / adjust towards '0'
    '2' - Add/Adjust to being good for red
    '4' - Add/Adjust to being good for white
    '6' - Remove Position
    'K' - Clear Opening Book in memory
    'S' - Save Opening Book

When saving the opening book is saved to ~/.samuel/opening.gbk.
When loading at startup it's loaded first from ~/.samuel/opening.gbk.
If not found there it will be loaded from the same directory as the program.
After a standard install the program directory will be read only which is why
'save' always saves to ~/.samuel/opening.gbk.

Most people will not want to modify the opening book. 

Samuel was developed and tested mainly on Fedora 11 64 bit with python 2.6
and PyGTK 2.14. It should work on most modern distros.

Don't forget you need python-devel, gcc and gcc-c++ packages installed to
build it.

If it won't start after upgrading from an older version then try deleting the
file ~/.samuel/settings.

If you click on the buttons or press the keys repeatedly and very rapidly it
can break the engine. For this reason it's best to leave at least 1 second
between clicks.

End Game Database
The files 2pc.cdb, 3pc.cdb and 4pc.cdb contain moves for the
end game. These files can be built using the genalldatabases

Samuel uses C++ engine code, board graphics, opening book and endgame database
from guicheckers. 
guicheckers web page: http://www.3dkingdoms.com/checkers.htm


Changes for 0.1.8

2009-10-27  John Cheetham  developer@johncheetham.com 

    * Add 'Flip the Board' feature

    * Allow player to choose colour to play (white or red).
      Also allow player vs computer, player vs player, computer vs computer

    * Add a status bar

    * Enforce time limit on user defined levels but not on pre-set levels.
      This will improve the play on the pre-set levels.

    * In position edit mode
         - Allow use of the Delete key to clear the board.
         - Ignore other key presses except for resize board

    * Add online help file

Changes for 0.1.7

2009-10-02  John Cheetham  developer@johncheetham.com 

    * make board resizeable

    * remember users settings between program invocations

    * simplify level settings

    * fix bugs in gameover, movenow and time limit processing

    * add keyboard commands for retract move etc

    * clean up code

Changes for 0.1.6

2009-09-05  John Cheetham  developer@johncheetham.com

    * nice display of multi jumps by the computer
    * edit board feature

    * suppress compiler warnings (though there are some on centos5 - must be an older compiler)

    * allow user-defined levels

Changes for 0.1.5

2009-08-29  John Cheetham  developer@johncheetham.com

    * Display gameover at end of game

    * Fix keyboard shortcuts in menu

    * Fix fault after loading game from file/PDN/FEN when it's white to play
      Added a Go button to make white move

    * Don't hilight squares clicked on if end of game or white to move

    * Add explanatory messages to panel when using rewind keys.