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An R implementation of the (multiple) Support Vector Machine Recursive Feature Elimination (mSVM-RFE) feature ranking algorithm
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(multiple) Support Vector Machine Recursive Feature Elimination (mSVM-RFE)

Full documentation is available at:

This package contains an R implementation of the mSVM-RFE algorithm (Duan et al., 2005), including the option to cut the features by half each round (instead of one-by-one) if there are many features.

The main function is adapted from

Also included are tools for wrapping the feature ranking/selection process in an external layer of cross-validation for obtaining unbiased estimates of generalization error/accuracy (See Ambroise et al., 2002).

This entire process can be massively parallelized, and an example implementation is included that uses the SGE cluster interface.

Contact: John Colby

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