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an extension for spree to enable multiple suppliers/vendors to sell using the same checkout

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This is an extension to run on top of spree 0.60.3 rails ecommerce engine.

This extension provides functionality to use multiple suppliers/vendors, each selling their own products, but using a unified listing view so the customer is not affected by this and only makes one transaction. On the backend, smaller sub-orders called supplier invoices are created by grouping the products in an order by each product's supplier_id. A subtotal is generated for each supplier invoice, so the spree administrator can send out invoices to each supplier.

To install: 

Add to Gemfile:
gem 'spree_supplier'

run the following:

bundle install
rake spree_suppliers:install
rake db:migrate
rake db:seed

All files are located in vendor/extensions/spree_suppliers/...

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