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Apache Drill container image for connecting to Azure Data Lake Store
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Apache Drill Container with Azure Data Lake Store connector

This is repo that contains a dockerfile for running Apache Drill with a storage plugin configured for Azure Data Lake Store.

Docker Commands

docker build -t johndh/drill .

docker run -i -p 8047:8047 -p 31010:31010 -t johndh/drill bin/bash

Running Commands

Here are a couple of example queries to get started:

SHOW FILES FROM `datalake`;
SELECT * FROM datalake.`parquet/userdata1.parquet`

Connecting to PowerBI

  1. Make sure to install the MapR ODBC driver.
  2. Under ODBC, leave the top dropdown alone and under advanced enter the following:

driver={MapR Drill ODBC Driver};connectiontype=Direct;host=localhost;port=31010;authenticationtype=No Authentication

  1. Make sure to choose No Credentials and, if all is good you should be able to view your data.

read more details on my blog post:

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