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It finds words with the letters that you enter.

  • solver.rb is for games like hangman, where you know some letters and you want to find the rest.
  • bookworm.rb is for games like scrabble or bookworm adventures ( which is the actual reason I created all this), you enter all the letters and it finds all the possible combination it can.


  1. Create a database with your credentials and put them in the solver.rb (your username and password)
  2. Insert the words with mysql -u your_username -pyour_password wordmatch < wordmatch.sql
  3. After it finishes, type ruby solver.rb letters or ruby bookworm.rb letters and it will play accordingly


It takes approximately 25-30 seconds to match the words so it isn't so efficient. I'd like to make it faster.

I'd love to hear your comments about. Thank you!