Creating a Kotlin Project

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The plugin supports Kotlin projects natively.

To get started first follow the Getting Started guides to download Gradle and setup the IDE.

To create a new Kotlin project you need to do the following:

  1. Create a new project with an empty build.gradle.kts
  2. In build.gradle.kts apply the needed plugins
    plugins {
  3. In build.gradle.kts add the compile and runtime dependency to Kotlin
    dependencies {
  4. Run the vaadinCreateProject task to create a Kotlin Vaadin project.

To configure an extension property use the following syntax:

configure<VaadinPluginExtension> {
    logToConsole = true

The available extensions are: VaadinPluginExtension, AddonExtension, SpringBootExtension, TestBenchExtension, TestbenchHubExtension, TestBenchNodeExtension, WidgetsetCDNExtension.

To configure a task property use the following syntax:

val vaadinRun : com.devsoap.plugin.tasks.RunTask by tasks
vaadinRun.apply {
    server = "jetty"

The available tasks are: BuildClassPathJar, BuildJavadocJarTask, BuildSourcesJarTask, CompileThemeTask, CompileWidgetsetTask, CompressCssTask, CreateAddonProjectTask, CreateAddonThemeTask, CreateComponentTask, CreateCompositeTask, CreateDesignTask, CreateDirectoryZipTask, CreateProjectTask, CreateTestbenchTestTask, CreateThemeTask, CreateWidgetsetGeneratorTask, DevModeTask, irectorySearchTask, RunTask, SuperDevModeTask, pdateAddonStylesTask, UpdateWidgetsetTask, VersionCheckTask.

For a full list of extension and task properties see Tasks and configuration DSL.

Gradle/Kotlin Reference :

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