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Commits on May 15, 2009
  1. Revert "Moved the license file to LICENSE"

    This reverts commit 6ae8669c4cff5f5668751f9f048518daccd5fc2e.
  2. Centralized XTT configuration into config/xtt.yml and expanded the RE…

    …ADME. Fixed Aimbo execution bug ...
    Pulled from configuration variables previously in config/environment.rb, config/initializers/custom.rb, and lib/aimbo.rb
    DRYed up aim_username and email in help/index.html.erb
    Aimbo's main loop was in the root of lib/aimbo.rb causing it to be executed with the app. Moved it into Xtt.aimbot_main_loop.
  3. Remove redundant README

  4. @courtenay

    Finalize spec changes/fixes

    courtenay authored
  5. @courtenay

    cleanup specs

    courtenay authored
  6. @courtenay
  7. @courtenay
  8. @courtenay
  9. @courtenay
  10. @courtenay
  11. @courtenay

    See, writing tests actually CAN help! Replace an instance var with th…

    courtenay authored
    …e real var, so, you know, we invite them to the actual project
  12. @courtenay
  13. @courtenay
  14. @courtenay
  15. @courtenay
  16. @courtenay

    Upgrade openID plugin

    courtenay authored
  17. @courtenay
  18. @courtenay
  19. @courtenay
  20. @courtenay
  21. @courtenay
  22. @courtenay
  23. @courtenay
  24. @courtenay

    Add rspec rake task

    courtenay authored
  25. @courtenay

    Clean up a bunch of specs, notifies controller never fucking worked a…

    courtenay authored
    …nd gives me weird errors, about to murder somebody -- this is WAY harder than it should be. fuckkkkkkkkk
  26. @courtenay

    Future compatibility fix

    courtenay authored
  27. @courtenay

    Hotfix ( monkeypatch !! ) for rspec (from rspec-edge) : stupid fuckin…

    courtenay authored
    …g fuck shit fuck you anyway stub! doesn't work on controllers unless you have this
  28. @courtenay
  29. @courtenay
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