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This is a online GPS tracking system based on using mobile phones with embedded GPS chips for detection of its owner position and status. Java client also support using of external GPS sources via Bluetooth. Server is totally written on Erlang + MySQL database as data storage. Server supports geofence (, reverse geocoding (, triggers based on events:
* client enters area
* client leaves area
* client become online
* client become offline
* periodical position reporting

Trigger events can be sent by SMS, eMail and also can be reported to Twitter. Text of such messages support templates with substitution of useful data.
Currently we have only Java and maemo (N810) clients, but plan to create Android one.

Communication between client and server is based on protocol doc/gTracker protocol (ver. 1).pdf.

An example of written track (zoom out it, please):
* About 600 kilometers long
* Written using Nokia E71
* Coordinates was written with 1 minute period