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Minimize & combine your CSS and JS files. Minify your HTML. Because size (still) DOES matter.
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Minimize, combine & cache your CSS and JS files. Minify your HTML. Because size (still) DOES matter.


"Minimee combines and compresses JavaScript and CSS files, thereby reducing file sizes and HTTP requests, and turning your puddle of online molasses into a digital fire hose."
- Stephen Lewis, founder, Experience Internet

Minimee watches your filesystem for changes to your CSS & JS assets, and automatically combines, minifies & caches these assets whenever changes are detected. It can also detect changes to stylesheet templates (whether saved as files or not).

Version 2's substantial re-write has ushered in a host of changes big and small. It is the same Minimee you've come to rely on, with more power, intelligence, and fun-ness.

Minimee is inspired and influenced by SL Combinator from Experience Internet, and Carabiner Asset Management Library from Tony Dewan.

Companion Add-Ons

The architecture of Minimee2 has given me the opportunity to build other add-ons that extend Minimee's capabilities. So if you're curious, have a look at:

  • MSMinimee - a module that brings full MSM-compatibility to Minimee

Want Bleeding Edge?

The master branch will always contain the "stable" release of Minimee, where the version number should match what is listed on the Full Documentation page, as well as on @devot-ee and on my personal website.

To follow development of Version 2.x, refer to the version2 branch. Note that version increments will always happen at the master branch first.

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