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Version History

3.0.1 (2017/01/20)

  • Fixed several issues in terms of using Meteor/NPM package and added new files to link build/mediaelement.js and build/mediaelement-and-player.js for NPM @ron666
  • Added image to README file, as well as favicon for demo and test files @ron666
  • Enabled external builds using Browserify ( @neonaut
  • Added missing conditionals to avoid issues with non-existing renderers bundle @ron666
  • Fixed conditional to target browsers/devices that support HLS natively and caused issues with other media types @ron666
  • New logo and layout for website @johndyer
  • Added missing documentation about importing MEJS and using RequireJS @ron666
  • Updated RTMP sources since prior one expired @ron666
  • Fixed issue with controls not hiding on mouseleave when video is not playing (#1995) @ron666
  • Added missing reference to FLV in main website ( @isantolin
  • Removed Browserify option to reduce size of unminified bundles @ron666

3.0.0 (2017/01/16)

2.23.5 (2017/01/06)

  • Fixed typo that caused Wordpress support for translations to be broken (#1984) @ron666

2.23.4 (2016/10/21)

2.23.3 (2016/10/13)

2.23.2 (2016/10/01)

2.23.1 (2016/09/26)

2.23.0 (2016/09/06)

2.22.1 (2016/08/18)

2.22.0 (2016/07/17)

2.21.2 (2016/05/08)

  • Fixed IE8 compatibility with new security update

2.21.1 (2016/05/06)

2.21.0 (2016/05/05)

2.19.1 (2016/02/26)

  • Fix for closed caption button caused by previous 508 change

2.19.0 (2016/02/24)

  • YouTube now uses HTML5 iframe API as a priority to Flash
  • Simplified Fullscreen code for older browsers without native API support
  • 508 Accessibility Fixes #1690 @rtackett
  • Fix a minor typo in Readme #1693 @pra85
  • Fix wrong "currentSrc" call in ga plugins #1687 @ivanteoh

2.19.0 (2015/12/18)

2.18.2 (2015/10/09)

2.18.1 (2015/08/11)

2.18.0 (2015/08/05)

2.17.0 (2015/05/30)

2.16.4 (2015/03/01)

2.16.3 (2014/12/10)

2.16.2 (2014/11/15)

  • Fixed broken swf files because of new problem with binary @OwenEdwards

2.16.1 (2014/11/07)

2.16.0 (2014/11/06)

2.15.1 (2014/08/11)

2.15.0 (2014/08/03)

2.14.2 (2014/04/04)

2.14.1 (2014/03/31)

  • Fix infinite loop on progress bar

2.14.0 (2014/03/29)

2.13.2 (2014/01/24)

2.13.1 (2013/09/?06)

  • Support for fullscreen in IE11 beta

2.13.0 (2013/09/01)

2.12.1 (2013/08/26)

2.12.0 (2013/06/02)

2.11.3 (2013/04/13)

  • Change to getScriptPath to allow querystring variables to be added (for Wordpress Core)

2.11.2 (2013/04/12)

2.11.1 (2013/04/11)

Major changes

Fixes and updates

2.11.0 (2013/03/13)

2.10.3 (2013/01/27)

2.10.2 (2013/01/26)

2.10.1 (2012/12/31)

2.10.0 (2012/11/23)

2.9.5 (2012/09/26)

  • Fixed faulty FlashMediaElement.swf (due to Git program mashing it)
  • Fixed track element issues introduced by DFXP captions

2.9.4 (2012/09/24)

*2.9.3 (2012/08/23) *

  • Allows use of style="max-width: 100%;" for responsive video
  • Added type to source buttons in mep-feature-sourcechooser.js:48 @flamadiddle
  • Fix use of inArray and $ in src/js/me-shim.js @lftl, @Seb33300, @eusonic and others (this was a regression bug from another fix)
  • Fixing syntax error in events demo @JeffreyATW

*2.9.2 (2012/07/06) *

  • Added a few height checks (from Joe Anderson)
  • Removed console.log statements
  • Better file MIME type detection when the "type" attribute is not set @Seb33300)
  • Pass the event keyCode to the keyActions handler, and make seek interval configurable @bborn
  • Responsive flash fix, YouTube edits @heikki
  • New auto_plugin mode that starts with plugins then tries HTML5 @savil

2.9.1 (2012/06/01)

  • Fixed Firefox 10+ Fullscreen error

2.9.0 (2012/05/31)

  • Fixed pointer-events detection in IE9 (when using Flash mode or YouTube)
  • YouTube now shows annotations (using YouTube player rather than chromeless)
  • Fix play/pause when clicking on video when overlays are displayed @markomarkovic
  • Dont listen to mouse events when there's not a reason to @neverarriving
  • Adding CSS animated buffer to the time rail @neverarriving
  • Fix for box-sizing: border-box from cutting off time text. @MatthewCallis

2.8.2 (2012/05/15)

  • Fixed volume slider bug when initially hidden
  • Fixed YouTube size problems in Flash mode

2.8.1 (2012/04/19)

  • Flash fullscreen: video not fullsized
  • Flash fullscreen: youtube controls not working

2.8.0 (2012/04/17)

  • Revamped YouTube to work using the Flash shim so that it supports fullscreen
  • Fix for remove() method (lennym)
  • Fix possible issue with ContextMenu ( quangvhg)
  • Fix for stop button ( slavva97)
  • Type on var and ; (lennym)
  • Fix for keyboard support forward and backward (myffical)

2.7.0 (2012/03/12)

  • Added horizontal volume control, the new default for audio (based on work by @gavinlynch(
  • Possible issues with < IE8 centering resolved
  • Full set of controls under Silverlight (@Birol2010(
  • YouTube fix @raknam
  • shim now has a .tagName property, and other DOM-like methods @tantalic
  • Poster display fix when HTML5, Flash, and Silverlight are all missing @bruha
  • Source Chooser plugin @markomarkovic
  • Fix for flash audio mute @lbernau

2.6.5 (2012/02/01)

  • Removed iOS 3.x poster code @xtat @James Cross
  • Fixed bug when player is initially hidden in display:none;
  • Workaround for when inside an <iframe> and Chrome doesn't correctly report exiting from fullscreen

2.6.4 (2012/01/10)

  • Fixed a Flash bug when one video ended and another was loaded through setSrc() and load()
  • Option for markup between current time and duration @tantalic

2.6.3 (2012/01/08)

  • Sending all options to Flash including colors

2.6.2 (2012/01/06)

  • Fixed Flash fullscreen button inside an <iframe>
  • Fixed flash auto starting in 100% mode

2.6.1 (2012/01/03)

  • Updated Opera's Flash Fullscreen support (apparently, it doesn't like pointer-events:none with Flash)
  • Added a fullscreenchange event to Flash to better track events

2.6.0 (2011/12/27)

2.5.0 (2011/12/15) - 56kb

  • Flash fullscreen now works on hover, so it's much easier to use. For Firefox it's always on, but for others usePluginFullScreen:true option
  • For the audio player, Flash objects are positioned outside the main <div> which allows the player to be hidden without breaking flash
  • Volume controls was adjusted slightly
  • Removed Google translate features (Google killed the API)

2.4.3 (2011/12/10)

  • keyboard controls are now an array, allowing multiple keys to do the same thing
  • support for Google TV keybuttons (based on above)
  • arrow keys now move when paused
  • floating time is now handled via JavaScript instead of CSS :hover (and removed from touch devices)

2.4.2 (2011/12/06) - 57.3kb

  • keyboard controls (up/down controls volume, left/right seeks, space play/pause, f goes fullscreen)
  • <audio> now works with 100% for responsive layouts @283(
  • Support for auto start with class mejs-player and data-mejsoptions e.g. <video src="media.mp4" class="mejs-player" data-mejsoptions='{"features":@"playpause","progress","volume"}, "success": "myCallback"}'><video>
  • With multiple players on a page, when one starts the others pause (toggle pauseOtherPlayers: true) @285(

2.4.1 (2011/12/05) - 55.7kb

2.4.0 (2011/11/28) - 54.9kb

2.3.3 (2011/11/21) - 49.4kb

  • removed volume controls for touch devices (Android and iOS require hardware volume)
  • set a timeout to hide controls on touch devices
  • fixed timecode bug with :09 (used radix)
  • fixed bug when long videos end: (try/catch)
  • fixed issue with alwaysShowControls
  • removed a console.log in fullscreen that broke IE

2.3.2 (2011/11/12) 49.6kb

  • removed http from Flash and Silverlight embeds to support SSL
  • fixed a possible bug when neither src nor type was specified
  • turned off useCapture for a few events

2.3.1 (2011/11/07)

  • Another set of changes to handle various browser native fullscreen issues
  • New control behavior for touch enabled devices (iPad, Android tablets)
  • Bug fix for Flash (bradleyboy)

2.3.0 (2011/11/01) - 48.5kb

  • Fixed bug when fullscreen was called before play pressed
  • Additional classes mejs-audio, mejs-video, mejs-ios, mejs-iphone, mejs-ipad, mejs-android added to contianing <div> for styles
  • IE9 can't use <video width="100%"> so you must use either options ({videoHeight:'100%'}) or inline style <video style="width:100%;height:100%;">
  • updated fullscreen code for Safari (erktime)
  • loading indicators shows during 'waiting' event
  • iOS and Android now show "big play" button again (sometimes overlaps on iPhone)

2.2.5 (2011/10/14)

  • fix for Flash fallback in certain scenarios (IE RegExp problem, Firefox fullscreen Flash issue)
  • adjustments for floating time indicator

2.2.4 (2011/10/10)

  • True FullScreen support in Firefox (nightly) and Chrome (Canary)
  • more updates for 100% mode
  • enableContextMenu(), disableContextMenu() methods
  • change to poster code to let it be set later

2.2.3 (2011/10/07b) - 45.8kb

  • updated accessibility again for JAWS and NVDA (thanks to
  • added CSS class <html class="mejs-embed"> for <iframe> embeds

2.2.2 (2011/10/07) - 45.8kb

  • added support for <video width="100%" height="100%"></video> <video style="width:100%;height:100%"></video> (i.e. responsive/adaptive players)
  • added :focus state for buttons to improve accessibility
  • added title and aria-controls attributes to buttons to improve accessibility
  • changed when loading circle appears (WebKit fires the 'loadstart' event differently than FF or IE)

2.2.1 (2011/10/06) - 44.1kb

  • fixed a bug with fullscreen that caused IE to completely mess up it layout
  • fixed another bug with fullscreen and z-index

2.2.0 (2011/10/04)

  • controls now display on iPad, iPhone, and Android. Can be turned off using (iPadForceNativeControls:true)
  • fullscreen support for iPad (different from true fullscreen on Safari 5.1)
  • added frameaccurate timecode (via gselva)
  • added contextmenu as a feature. if turned on the default includes: fullscreen toggle, mute toggle, and media download
  • updated WebVTT support (still had some SRT formatting restrictions)
  • dynamic player creation: from <a href="media.mp4">video</a> and <div class="mejs"></div> specifying type (string or array)
  • Fixed bug where Flash couldn't go fullscreen with track chapters
  • fixed a bug with Flash fullscreen ratios
  • controls now disappear on timeout when mouse is idle (useful for fullscreen)
  • enableControls() and disableControls() (for pre/post roll scenarios)
  • added an autoplay override (especially for WebKit browsers)
  • fixed functionality of mute toggling
  • reorganized plugins to use $.extend
  • updating functionality of loading graphic to account for various browser inconsistencies (loadstart event)

2.1.9 (2011/08/04) - 36.9kb

  • fixed Android 2.1 and 2.2 playing problems (still need a good 2.3 and 3.0 device. hint. hint.)

2.1.8 (2011/08/03) - 36.9kb

  • True fullscreen for Safari 5.1
  • Flash/Silverlight fullscreen is now "full window" (except for Firefox which cannot handle adjusting Flash without reloading it)

2.1.7 (2011/07/19) - 35.9kb

  • fixed mute button (kaichen)
  • added alwaysShowControls option (kaichen)
  • forceful padding override on buttons
  • started "ender" branch to experiment with removing jQuery dependency and baking in ender.js
  • updated the use of type javascript option with src is present
  • remove preload="none" hack for Chrome now that it supports it (note: Chrome still strangely fires a 'loadstart' event)
  • added hooks for other jQuery compatible libraries like @ender.js(
  • Wordpress: if you don't specify a file extension, mejs will look for attached files and use them @video src="/wp-content/uploads/myfile"
  • Wordpress: option to select a 'skin'
  • Wordpress: option to select audio width/height

2.1.6 (2011/06/14) - 35.5kb

  • fix errors when the progress bar isn't present
  • buttons are now actual <button> tags which allows tabbed controls (for better accessibility and possible ARIA support)
  • fix problems with low volume in Flash on startup (startVolume was sometimes 0!)
  • updated a few places to use jQuery 1.6's new prop/attr methods
  • updated skins to account for new <button> (still need highlighted style)

2.1.5 (2011/05/28) - 35.2kb

  • minor fix for controls not showing time or duration
  • when switching files, the Flash plugin now forcibly stops downliading

2.1.4 (2011/05/20) - 35.2kb

  • fixed display of hours
  • fixed Flash audio bug where pausing when the file wasn't fully loaded would cause the progress bar to go offscreen
  • fixed Flash video bug where percent loaded was always 100%
  • fixed Flash audio bug where pressing pause, then play would always restart playback from the beginning
  • startVolume works more clearly in plugins (esp. Opera and Linux)
  • tracks support no longer refers to WebSRT, but is more generic for WebVTT (not all features of WebVTT are supported yet)
  • fixed fullscreen in Safari OS X 10.5 (which doens't really support true fullscreen)
  • Flash and Silverlight can now start downloading if preload="auto" or preload="metadata" (warning: preload="metadata" will load the entire thing)

2.1.3 (2011/04/12) - 35.8kb

  • added support for hours in time format (00:00:00) and an alwaysShowHours option to force hours to always show
  • removed some duplicate flash events
  • added 'seeking' event to Flash/SL (already had 'seeked')

2.1.2 (2011/03/23) - 34.4kb

  • fixed IE6 and IE7 caption position
  • fixed IE7 failure in certain places
  • changed browser UA detection to use only lowercase (iPhone iphone)
  • fixed Flash audio loaded bug (reporting 0 after loaded)
  • added removeEventListener to shims
  • new rail-resizing code

2.1.1 (2011/03/07) - 33.5kb

  • added 'loadeddata' event to Flash and Silverlight
  • switched to flashvars parameter to support Apache's mod_security
  • better flash fullscreen support
  • added flv-x to flash's accepted types
  • Fixed a bug in poster sizing (only affected IE)
  • added "isFullScreen" property to media objects (like Safari's webkitDisplayingFullscreen)
  • controls start hidden with autoplay
  • fixed iOS loading issues (success wasn't firing, other errors)
  • fixed IE6 when using new MediaElementPlayer(), rather than jQuery

2.1.0 (2011/02/23) - 32.9kb

  • Updated control styles for a cleaner look
  • Added loadeddata and canplay events to Flash and Silverlight
  • Added loading indicator to MediaElementPlayer
  • Added stop button (pause, then return to currentTime:0)
  • IE6/7 CSS updates
  • Poster is now forced to the size of the player (could be updated to be proportional if someone wants to add that)
  • Updated Flash ended event to account for buffering weirdness
  • Fixed a track text hovering problem

2.0.7 (2011/02/13) - 31.9kb

  • Added 'mode' option to force native (HTML5) or shim (Flash,Silverlight) modes
  • Fixed audio seeking bug in Flash (thanks Andy!)
  • Fixed startVolume not working in Flash
  • Overrided Chrome's autoplay since it doesn't always work

2.0.6 (2011/02/04) - 31.7kb

  • Whitespace cleanup on files
  • Preventing flash/sl plugins from reinitializing when they are removed by another script
  • Fixed IE JavaScript errors in Flash fallback (seen in Wordpress)
  • Added 'play' event to Silverlight to prevent errors

2.0.5 (2011/01/25) - 31.7kb

  • Added error object to player
  • Adjusted popup timer and progress bar
  • Fixed media URL escaping
  • Stopped sending poster to plugin
  • Silverlight culture update
  • Added back reference check (also makes jQuery usage easier)
  • Added stop() function to mediaelement
  • timerupdate still fires when paused (plugins)
  • Added Security.allowDomain("*") to Flash so it can be used on different domains
  • Fixed progress bar for Firefox 3 with Ogg files
  • Prevented Flash from re-creating the player when show/hide restarts it
  • Fixed initial volume level in non-HTML5 players
  • Made PNG8 versions of controls images (for IE6)

2.0.4 (2011/01/14) - 31.2kb

  • Fixed a major bug in plugin detection.

2.0.3 (2011/01/13) - 31.2kb

  • changed IE Flash insertion to include me-plugin CSS class
  • changed player error handling
  • fixed a bug in the Silverlight player related to URLs

2.0.2 (2010/12/31) - 31.1kb

  • Changed HTML escape method to encodeURICompnent
  • Flash-based RMTP support (contributor: sylvinus)
  • Fixed Wordpress loop bug
  • Changed time popup to move with mouse instead of currentTime
  • added enablePluginSmoothing (Flash)
  • Added some "play" "playing" event duplication to Flash

2.0.1 (2010/12/20) - XX.Xkb

  • Changed Flash to allow cross domain video
  • Added 'click' event to Flash and Silverlight
  • Updated autoplay attribute detection

2.0.0 (2010/12/13) - 30.8kb

  • Reorganized MediaElementPlayer code to allow each button to become a pluggable feature that can be removed or overrided
  • Enabled a no JavaScript version to support Video for Everybody nested syntax (optional)
  • Enabled drag on progress bar
  • Preload="none" is default for Flash and Silverlight
  • Preload="none" enabled on Google Chrome
  • Added skins to download
  • Support for skin swapping
  • Updated volume handle controls
  • Update progress controls display
  • Exposed MediaElement API methods on player
  • Adjusted layout for IE6

1.1.7 (2010/11/29) - 29.8kb

  • Fixed bug with <track> loading on <audio> player

1.1.6 (2010/11/23) - 29.8kb

  • Chapters support <track kind="chapters" />

1.1.5 (2010/11/21) - 29.8kb

  • Workaround for IE issues when accidentally placed inside <p> tag
  • Fixed silverlight pause state reporting
  • Switched back to Flash as default
  • Removed requirement for Google translate API <script> (direct JSONP call)
  • Added googleApiKey option

1.1.4 (2010/11/21) - 29.5kb

  • Added Default volume level to options (0.8)
  • Fix for IE volume slider positioning
  • Fix for IE tracks parsing (replacement String.split)
  • Changed namespace from html5 to mejs
  • Remove all showMessage references
  • Controls show again after playback ends

1.1.3 (2010/11/20) - 29.0kb

  • Change to fallback mechanism and styling (Windows Phone 7)

1.1.2 (2010/11/19) - 28.9kb

  • Removed messages, added big play button
  • Google translate now supports more than 1000 characters
  • Added a dropdownlist of languages from which the user can select
  • Added timerUpdate option to set the millisecond speed of timeupdate events
  • Updated the media file and examples

1.1.1 (2010/11/18) - 27.1kb

1.1.0 (2010/11/17) - 22.6kb

  • Total re-oganization of MediaElement, MediaElementPlayer, and supporting objects
  • Updated CSS to a cleaner look, with better IE support & big play button
  • Simplified all plugin and version detection
  • Added loop option (useful for audio files)
  • Added the ability to turn each control button on/off
  • Added canPlayType to PluginMediaElement
  • Updated setSrc to take multiple sources

1.0.7 (2010/11/16) - 18.15kb

  • Total re-oganization of MediaElement code
  • JSLint compliant, YUI compliant

1.0.6 (2010/11/15) - 17.96kb

  • Rebuilt PluginDetection (removed SWFObject and Microsoft code)
  • More JSLint compatible (still a few iterations to get there)
  • Added jQuery 1.4.4

1.0.5 (2010/11/10 later on)

  • Fixed a problem with the *.min.js files
  • Added jQuery 1.4.3

1.0.4 (2010/11/10) - 18.32kb

  • Fixed Flash display when <video> did not match actual dimensions
  • autosizing in Flash and Silverlight
  • added options for defaultVideoWidth, defaultVideoHeight when <video> height and width are not set
  • included minified versions using YUI compressor

1.0.3 (2010/09/24)

  • changes in poster handling
  • fix IE9 startup bug (its 'play' event fires wrongly it seems)
  • fixed Flock, Opera sizing bugs
  • fixed audio ended bug in special cases under Flash
  • added default height/width when they are not specified in attributes

1.0.2 (2010/09/17)

  • minor updates to support IE9 beta1

1.0.1 (2010/09/13)

  • added native fullscreen support for Safari 5 (via webkitEnterFullScreen)

1.0.0 (2010/08/09)

  • initial release