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I've added the inline horizontal volume control I created for a project I was working on.

gavinlynch added some commits Sep 25, 2011
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.0.dev build 81da0a4
@gavinlynch gavinlynch frameaccurate options 1347c79
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - fixed some issues with frame accurate code and cleaned up JS style 74e58bb
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - remove unused file b918558
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - volume fix b24016d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - fixed repositioning problems when exiting fullscreen de41060
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - added AutoPlay override for WebKit fe8e602
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - updated 2.2.0 feature list 55deee1
@gavinlynch gavinlynch latest flash build a11bad4
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - updated 2.2.0 features e77d09b
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - handles pauses better and still sends progress updates 787821c
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.0 release info 2d20517
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.0 build 2ef45c7
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - 2.2.0 build final 6937c14
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - fixed problem with dynamic audio 4f3290c
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.0 release ed5c39d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed giant time coded files (separate download) ae5cc68
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fullscreen newWindow fixes f859e45
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - notes update 5d515d2
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - add try catch back to build system de07a8e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch move zindex back to css 7f2e967
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - version update 732fa0e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - 2.2.1 release 116a3ec
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - removed several console.log statements tripping up IE 540e532
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - 2.2.1 release f76c58a
@gavinlynch gavinlynch index on development: 2112dd8 - 2.2.1 release fd74995
@gavinlynch gavinlynch On development: GitHub: stashing before switching branches. 45938ba
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge commit 'bcd68b71d638f6551f2627d14410b18e1980ae98' into development a988e40
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Accessibility updates
- added outline to focused buttons
- added aria-controls and title attributes to buttons
@gavinlynch gavinlynch support for <video width="100%" height="100%"> (i.e. adaptive/respons…
…ive video)
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - updating development branch 9c3fbdf
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.2 release and notes 6c674a9
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - updated for 2.2.2 0fadc59
@gavinlynch gavinlynch ensure Safari true fullscreen still works with 100% 447e487
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.2 901541f
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fixed title attributes so accessiblity is actually accessible :) a90abab
@gavinlynch gavinlynch update version number bded9ff
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added class for embedded videos in 100% mode 18aa9eb
@gavinlynch gavinlynch label for captions button 59ba931
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.3 release 0d2eddd
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.3 notes 12d4224
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removing large timecode files. available as a separate download 4448453
@gavinlynch gavinlynch ability to disable context menu 74141cd
@gavinlynch gavinlynch change to poster so it can be set programmatically later b531843
@gavinlynch gavinlynch more adjustments to 100% mode to make it perfect. 80ccf9b
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fullscreen resize 100% fixes 5b6492c
@gavinlynch gavinlynch remove scroll bars for popout 762345b
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Firefox (nightly) fullscreen support f9308f2
@gavinlynch gavinlynch enabling FullScreen for Chrome (seems that it reports correctly now) 72d6ebf
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.4 cd3bb33
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fix for safari 5eda14d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.4 with chrome fix d3c4ff0
@gavinlynch gavinlynch minor update to timerail functionality 2ef94e5
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fix for IE's wrong handling of video tags 05d216a
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fix for firefox's broken Flash support and mock fullscreen c7d875c
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added mov to video types e15dcf7
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fixing audio/video check on Flash/SL 005947e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch updates to new window support 0f0bf3d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch regex fix c1ec5fe
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.5 62eff9f
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.5 4770e73
@gavinlynch gavinlynch small fix for cases when type was not specified dff8670
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.5 release ce1e966
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.2.5 release notes a51846f
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Fullscreen bug fixes.
* Removing a forgotten inline z-index style on exit fullscreen.
* Removing fullscreen timeout for all browsers but Safari with native
fullscreen. It was causing problems in FF when entering and closing
fullscreen quickly.
@gavinlynch gavinlynch timerail width customizable with CSS e5c0e6e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch prevents poster from being resized c177bd5
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Google Analytics tracking sample plugin 1b45f93
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge pull request #278 from erktime/5e00723e0955343093e0125ec2d716b8…

Found a few issues with your last couple of changes to fullscreen. Perhaps they'll help.
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added duration option to allow the duration to be set on preload="none" ef02cd9
@gavinlynch gavinlynch adding additional classes for audio/video and mobile devices 6a045a2
@gavinlynch gavinlynch reorganized width/height calculation to adjust for IE9 not accepting …
…<video width="100%">
@gavinlynch gavinlynch localized all button text d8b94f5
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fixed audio/video class cf7e92d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch temp version number 780a237
@gavinlynch gavinlynch loading indicator shows while video is loading :) 3b97dd5
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge branch 'master' of github.com:johndyer/mediaelement 40b76bc
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.3.0 release number f49e878
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.3.0 release notes 7fa9eb2
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed nasty trailing comma 430816c
@gavinlynch gavinlynch updates sizes 76648ab
@gavinlynch gavinlynch udpated 100% markup ff41c24
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.3.0 changes 9381d9d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Add additional check for setVideoSize f077105
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge pull request #289 from bradleyboy/master
Additional check for setVideoSize
@gavinlynch gavinlynch New behavior for touch devices (iPad, Android) 73d5b16
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Changes for lack of fullscreen detection in webkit 2a6fa96
@gavinlynch gavinlynch touch detection a3904fb
@gavinlynch gavinlynch version change f1d0d50
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.3.1 release 853cf1f
@gavinlynch gavinlynch version updates bd9b7ae
@gavinlynch gavinlynch updates 29edfd2
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge commit '35ae093d4ae56b2968a541b931696acd619ca707' c257326
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - fixed an error with no src and not type specified
- removed http to support SSL in Flash and SL
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge pull request #281 from latzt/master
CSS railWidth
@gavinlynch gavinlynch small style correction 9402f84
@gavinlynch gavinlynch temporary name change. 89be99c
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge commit '2923048a95801093c15274175bbba3cb80139f35' aab1e90
@gavinlynch gavinlynch renamed property 1d24f73
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Use protocol relative URLs for object/embed tags to prevent mixed con…
…tent warnings in IE<9. Fixes #292
gavinlynch and others added some commits Dec 6, 2011
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge commit 'b31dc44a819216d479f6d64fb28cf43c868dac07'
-corrected for better, cleaner audio 100% support
@gavinlynch gavinlynch audio 100% support d834a5d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch support for auto start 97d11b3
@gavinlynch gavinlynch features update 16a16d9
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.4.2 updates f9f349e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch IE comma issue 0a86557
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.4.2 release 4ad4620
@gavinlynch gavinlynch make sure audio player doens't get hidden with keyboard controls 7d0d852
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.4.2 final 432ee9e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch keyboard changes (support for Google TV) 834a032
@gavinlynch gavinlynch missing event. a5f53e0
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed comma 576afcb
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.4.3 ea902dd
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed the time float from touch devices (the :hover didn't work) 524bbb3
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.4.3 release d2977aa
@gavinlynch gavinlynch new Flash fullscreen feature e428d44
@gavinlynch gavinlynch abs flash stuff 90e32a1
@gavinlynch gavinlynch abs flash stuff (reverse-merged from commit d8c3250) 788da22
@gavinlynch gavinlynch absolutely positioned sound element 87f9a9e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fixed cases where sound slider was hidden 9ba3210
@gavinlynch gavinlynch version number c586ed4
@gavinlynch gavinlynch simplified click code dab11fa
@gavinlynch gavinlynch whitespace fd6ba1d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed support for Google translate 28334dc
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added support for <track> label 3f3ee4c
@gavinlynch gavinlynch adjusted fullscreen functionality for Flash/Firefox fd42ca5
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed console! 9c7eafd
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed console. 534c1ca
@gavinlynch gavinlynch abs positioning for audio player a762a7b
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.5.0 files (not final until tagged) 4bb0ca9
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.5.0 files 2389caf
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.5.0 changes d678145
@gavinlynch gavinlynch changed line endings to Unix 7720bba
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added check for left offset to detect when mousedrag exceeds top boun…
…dary of slider, to prevent muting when trying to max out volume
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Add missing CSS3 gradient declarations 2304092
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Small CSS fixes a9124b5
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Optimize images with ImageAlpha 0346a30
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge pull request #339 from kristerkari/master
Add missing CSS3 gradient syntaxes
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge pull request #335 from jmcneese/volume-slider-offset-fix
added check for left offset to detect when mousedrag exceeds top boundar...
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge commit 'bee7c076b35e469ec12aaf15ad1ca532a51b7b29' 10b3b8d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fix for IE8 and lower (re-added split method fix for broken IE implem…
@gavinlynch gavinlynch test for Firefox to be able to do fullscreen fb746db
@gavinlynch gavinlynch version update 1b7d1b8
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge commit 'd5ab4c5d2ac577ae8acd8120f97c9376482a1a95'
@gavinlynch gavinlynch plugin fullscreen is true by default 4890fec
@gavinlynch gavinlynch opinter-events 7b672ac
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.0 changes d964a59
@gavinlynch gavinlynch - opera and firefox updates 537bccc
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added fullscreenevent b6fa3a8
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.1 075ac60
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.1 notes d8c6c2e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed console.log c38e227
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed console.log e197956
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed bad file 150e9d1
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added skins demo 801e158
@gavinlynch gavinlynch update version 3abbd7f
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed Flash autostart with 100% 921a612
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added a note about 100% ea2dcd3
@gavinlynch gavinlynch changed the way Flash fullscreen button is restored from pointer-even…
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.2 build 3ea5beb
@gavinlynch gavinlynch support for other placements of the fullscreen button 756267f
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.2 release 9c6a616
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added a class to the hover divs 3be745a
@gavinlynch gavinlynch added a class to the hover divs for testing 7c9b65a
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Added option for additional plugin variables 8731e94
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge pull request #351 from jbelcher/master
Added option for additional plugin variables
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge commit 'b16b87fb7e03118830241463a8be17474cec1e18' 9a4dcd9
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.3 4704270
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Added option for setting the markup which is added between the curren…
…t time and duration
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge pull request #356 from tantalic/138ad82501292d7a2dc72c8b0c46513…

Option for markup between current time and duration
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge commit '837bde0c77203ff86591808ec780dfcc9ccc0013' 7e8f3ff
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.4 1d6515d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch reset variables upon load be2cf3a
@gavinlynch gavinlynch new reset variables upon load and setSrc 45f40e0
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.4 5a33451
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fix for chrome's <iframe> problem 861002d
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fix for <iframe> in chrome 33b519e
@gavinlynch gavinlynch update version 4198fa7
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Disable iOS poster removal in native mode- no issue found with iOS3. 54a80cf
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Merge pull request #367 from xtat/master
disabling ios3 bugfix workaround to add posters in native mode
@gavinlynch gavinlynch removed a check for .length b3d7930
@gavinlynch gavinlynch fixed volume bug when player is hidden initially. 1d523d6
@gavinlynch gavinlynch updated year on copyright notice fb36c48
@gavinlynch gavinlynch update on 2.6.5 beda005
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.5 files c1b9337
@gavinlynch gavinlynch merged in iOS 3 chagne 704a2bc
@gavinlynch gavinlynch 2.6.5 merged 36985a5
@gavinlynch gavinlynch final update to 2.6.5 c6697cc
@gavinlynch gavinlynch title c297e5e
Lynch Adding a horizontal volume slider and corresponding documentation to …
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Adding a horizontal volume slider and corresponding documentation to …
Lynch Updating README with version 2.6.6 features. 121f2c3
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Updating README with version 2.6.6 features. 84cc549
Lynch Adding contributer name. e458e34
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Adding contributer name. 12ee732
@gavinlynch gavinlynch Updated commit author.
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:gavinlynch/mediaelement

Hello, its says there is code attached but i can't see any code or file for downloading. Regards, Michael


Thanks so much for this. I've used your ideas to introduce the feature into the main code branch. I can't merge this pull request but your work was great!

@johndyer johndyer closed this Mar 5, 2012

No problem John, glad to help

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