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Fix the line endings on the Flash `.as` files #834

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Many of the Flash .as source files have wonky DOS style line endings. Git seems to treat them as a single line, which means that when a single character changes, the diff will show the entire file as being different.

To fix them, I opened them in vim and ran:


Note: You can't just type ^M, you have to type Ctrl-V, Ctrl-M to get this magic character to appear. You'll know you did it right if you get a highlighted ^M like this:


And then I ran.

set ff=unix

@johndyer johndyer merged commit 01799b2 into johndyer:master

This problem is going to keep recurring, due to the way the Flash Professional deals with line endings. I think the solution is to have Git launder the line endings on check-in.

Looks like somebody tried to do this w/ a7afd52.
But if the problem has recurred since then (and it appears from this pull request that it has), maybe it wasn't done correctly?

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