Front-end development for Sakai 3
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3akai-ux - Sakai 3 UX/UI development

Essential Information

The main forms of communication for the project are the UX and the UI Development email list. The UX list discusses design related topics: The UI Development list discusses technical topics around front-end development:

We track bugs, issues and tasks in JIRA:

A collection of resources and documents can be found on our Confluence page:

Most time Sakai 3 UX/UI developers can be found on IRC: server: room: #sakai

A description of how the Sakai 3 UI Dev GitHub process works can be found at:

General information about Sakai:

If you would like to contribute to this project, feel free to fork this git repository, push your changes and send a pull request.


To get a Sakai 3 development instance up and running on your computer quickly follow these steps:

First make sure you have all the following installed on your machine: Git version control system Java JDK 1.5 or newer Maven build system

Then you can set up an instance with the following Terminal commands on a Unix/Mac:

  1. Create a "sakai3" folder in your home folder: mkdir ~/sakai3 cd ~/sakai3

  2. Check out the latest Nakamura code. This will create an "open-experiments" folder git clone cd nakamura

  3. Now build the kernel: mvn clean install

  4. Start the kernel: tools/

  5. Open a browser and type "http://localhost:8080/dev" into the address bar

Done. Now you have the latest kernel with the latest stable UX code (from Maven repo) running on your local machine.

If you would like to do UI/UX development you will need to additionally to the following:

1 Switch to the previously created "sakai3" folder in your home folder cd ~/sakai3

  1. Check out the UX code from Github, this will create a "3akai-ux" folder: git clone

  2. Go to the kernel's Felix console by typing the following address into the browser's address bar (preferably with an alternative browser from the one you are using from development): "http://localhost:8080/system/console"

  3. Log in using "admin" for username and password

  4. Select the "Configuration" tab on the top part of the console

  5. Open up the "Apache Sling Filesystem Resource Provider" module`s window (towards bottom of page)

  6. Enter "/dev" in Provider Root field, enter the path to the "dev" folder in you checked out UX code to "Filesystem Root" field , and click "Save"

  7. Open up the "Apache Sling Filesystem Resource Provider" again

  8. Enter "/devwidgets" in Provider Root field, enter the path to the "devwidgets" folder in you checked out UX code to "Filesystem Root" field , and click "Save"

Done. Now if you go to "http://localhost:8080/dev" the kernel should load the files from your local machine, from the paths you`ve specified earlier. You should be able to start modifying files and see changes in browser.

Development Guidelines

You can find our guidelines and more information about the project on our Confluence page:

Getting started guide:

Demo Servers

Stable demo server (running Q1 release):

Nightly build server:

Sakai 2-3 Hybrid demo server:

Nakamura: Sakai 3 kernel

Nakamura is the kernel project for Sakai 3

The Nakamura source code can be found in Github:

Discussion and information on various kernel topics can be found in the following Google group:

Documentation for Nakamura can be found here:

They track bugs and issues in JIRA here: