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Gusty shows the weather in 5 different cities around the world. From the main page a user can get a quick overview of each city, or click on a specific city for more detailed information.

Gusty was designed with scalability in mind. Adding more cities is as easy as adding their names to the initial state and creating skyline images for them.


Index Page

  • The temperature value and icon are updated by the API.

  • The background color of each city's panel changes based on current weather.

    • Orange - clear day
    • Light Blue - cloudy day
    • Light Green - rainy day
    • Light Grey - snowy or misty day
    • Light Purple - clear night
    • Dark Grey - cloudy night
    • Dark Purple - rainy night
    • Purple/Grey - snowy or misty night

City Page

  • The top panel functions similarly to the index page.

  • The middle panel renders the 5 day forecast in 3 hour increments with data received from the API. Clicking the arrow buttons allows the user to scroll through the forecast.

  • The bottom panel shows more in depth weather information calculated from data received by the API.

Built With

  • React
  • React-Router
  • Redux


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