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Rubber Duck Debugger App
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Are you stuck? Talk to the Duck!
Provides speech to text transcription and keyword analysis to help the user improve their coding skills.



How To Use

  • You may play anonymously or log-in to track your high score.
  • Choose a background theme from the drop-down menu and hit start to begin.
  • Use arrow keys to move tile left, right or down.
  • Get three tile of the same color in a row to earn points.
  • If the tiles reach the top you lose!


  • Google Chrome (More browsers coming soon!)
  • Ruby v5.1.5
  • PostgreSQL 10
  • React/Redux

Back End Setup

  1. Clone this repo -
  2. Install Gems bundle install
  3. Setup Database rake db:create, then run rake db:migrate
  4. Start your server rails s

Front End Setup

  1. Clone this repo -
  2. Install Dependencies yarn install
  3. Start your server yarn start

In Your Browser

Navigate to the web address of your Node server http://localhost:3001 - or whatever yours is.

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