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module Make(Io: Irc_transport.IO) = struct
type auth_t = {
username: string;
password: string;
type connection_t = {
sock: Io.file_descr;
let send_raw connection data =
let formatted_data = Printf.sprintf "%s\r\n" data in
let len = String.length formatted_data in
Io.buffered_write connection.sock formatted_data 0 len
let send_join connection channel =
send_raw connection (Printf.sprintf "JOIN %s" channel)
let send_nick connection nick =
send_raw connection (Printf.sprintf "NICK %s" nick)
let send_pass connection password =
send_raw connection (Printf.sprintf "PASS %s" password)
let send_pong connection message =
send_raw connection (Printf.sprintf "PONG %s" message)
let send_privmsg connection target message =
send_raw connection (Printf.sprintf "PRIVMSG %s %s" target message)
let send_quit connection =
send_raw connection "QUIT"
let send_user connection username mode realname =
send_raw connection (Printf.sprintf "USER %s %i * :%s" username mode realname)
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