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* Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Citrix Systems Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.1 only. with the special
* exception on linking described in file LICENSE.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
* CLI support for stand-alone VM import command which can handle XVA directories
* (the export format of Zurich)
open Stringext
open Xml
type classification =
| Zurich (** directory-style XVA produced by Zurich *)
| TarXVA (** new single-file XVA produced by this codebase *)
| Unknown
let classify path =
match (Unix.LargeFile.stat path).Unix.LargeFile.st_kind with
| Unix.S_REG -> TarXVA
| Unix.S_DIR ->
let xml = path ^ "/" ^ Xva.xml_filename in
Unix.access xml [ Unix.F_OK ];
with Unix.Unix_error _ -> Unknown
| _ -> Unknown
with Unix.Unix_error _ as e ->
debug(Printf.sprintf "Failed to stat: %s" path);
raise e
(** Stream a string into a tar, with a valid header and padding *)
let stream_file_from_string oc file_name body =
let hdr = Tar.Header.make file_name (Int32.of_int (String.length body)) in
output_string oc (Tar.Header.marshal hdr);
output_string oc body;
output_string oc (Tar.Header.zero_padding hdr)
let end_stream oc =
(* Add two empty blocks *)
output_string oc Tar.Header.zero_block;
output_string oc Tar.Header.zero_block;
flush oc
(** Upload a Zurich-format XVA directory *)
let stream_from_xva_dir dir oc =
let xml = Xml.parse_file (dir ^ "/" ^ Xva.xml_filename) in
stream_file_from_string oc Xva.xml_filename (Xml.to_string xml);
let vms, vdis = Xva.of_xml xml in
List.iter (fun vdi ->
if vdi.Xva.ty <> "dir-gzipped-chunks"
then failwith (Printf.sprintf "Cannot handle directory XVA disk encoding: %s" vdi.Xva.ty);
let prefix = "file://" in
if not(String.startswith prefix vdi.Xva.source)
then failwith (Printf.sprintf "Cannot handle disk source: %s (need a file:// URI)" vdi.Xva.source);
let suffix = String.sub vdi.Xva.source (String.length prefix) (String.length vdi.Xva.source - (String.length prefix)) in
let vdi_dir = dir ^ "/" ^ suffix in
let chunks = List.filter (String.startswith "chunk-") (Array.to_list (Sys.readdir vdi_dir)) in
if List.length chunks = 0 then failwith (Printf.sprintf "Failed to find disk chunks in dir: %s" vdi_dir);
(** Uncompress and stream each of the chunks in series *)
let so_far = ref 0L in
let total = vdi.Xva.size in
let remaining_this_chunk = ref 0L in
let chunks = List.sort compare chunks in
let chunk_number = ref 0 in
(** Construct a new header, add any necessary zero-padding for the previous header
and send the new header if size <> 0 *)
let make_hdr =
let last_hdr = ref None in
fun size ->
begin match !last_hdr with
| Some hdr -> output_string oc (Tar.Header.zero_padding hdr)
| None -> ()
let hdr = Tar.Header.make
(Printf.sprintf "%s/%08d" vdi.Xva.vdi_name !chunk_number)
(Int64.to_int32 size) in
incr chunk_number;
last_hdr := Some hdr;
if size <> 0L
then output_string oc (Tar.Header.marshal hdr) in
List.iter (fun chunk ->
(** Uncompress and stream each of the chunks in series *)
let file = vdi_dir ^ "/" ^ chunk in
let ic = Unix.open_process_in ("zcat " ^ file) in
let finished = ref false in
while not(!finished) do
if !remaining_this_chunk = 0L then begin
remaining_this_chunk := min (Int64.sub total !so_far) 1000000L;
make_hdr !remaining_this_chunk;
let bytes : int64 = Unix.copy_file ~limit:(Some !remaining_this_chunk) ic oc in
finished := bytes < !remaining_this_chunk || bytes = 0L;
remaining_this_chunk := Int64.sub !remaining_this_chunk bytes;
so_far := Int64.add !so_far bytes;
close_in ic) (List.sort compare chunks);
if !so_far <> total
then failwith (Printf.sprintf "Streamed all the disk chunks I could find but I count only %s bytes out of %s"
(Int64.to_string !so_far) (Int64.to_string total))
) vdis;
end_stream oc
(** Upload from a single file XVA *)
let stream_from_xva_file file oc =
let ic = open_in_bin file in
let bytes = Unix.copy_file ic oc in
close_in ic;
end_stream oc;
debug(Printf.sprintf "Finished streaming %s bytes" (Int64.to_string bytes))
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