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#!/usr/bin/env python
# LVHD Reliability test support plugin
import subprocess, sys, socket, struct, time, syslog
import os
import XenAPI, inventory
import XenAPIPlugin
def doexec(args, inputtext=None):
"""Execute a subprocess, then return its return code, stdout and stderr"""
proc = subprocess.Popen(args,stdin=subprocess.PIPE,stdout=subprocess.PIPE,stderr=subprocess.PIPE,close_fds=True)
(stdout,stderr) = proc.communicate(inputtext)
rc = proc.returncode
return (rc,stdout,stderr)
def writestringtofile(stem, string):
filename = "/tmp/%s.log.%d" % (stem, os.getpid())
f = file(filename, 'w')
def read_refcount_file(session,args):
f = file("/var/run/sm/refcount/"+filename, 'r')
contents =
return contents
def mkfistpoint(session, args):
fistpoint = args['fist_point']
(rc,stdout,stderr) = doexec(["touch","/tmp/fist_%s" % fistpoint])
return stdout
def rmfistpoint(session, args):
fistpoint = args['fist_point']
(rc,stdout,stderr) = doexec(["rm","-f","/tmp/fist_%s" % fistpoint])
return stdout
def pattern(session, args):
dev = args['dev']
size = args['size']
action = args['action']
ty = args['type']
variant = args['variant']
(rc,stdout,stderr) = doexec(["/tmp/local/bm/scripts/remote/",dev,size,action,ty,variant])
writestringtofile("patterns-stdout", stdout)
writestringtofile("patterns-stderr", stderr)
if rc==0:
return "OK"
return "FAIL"
def check_zero(session, args):
dev = args['dev']
offset = int(args['offset'])
length = int(args['length'])
# Open file
f = file(dev, 'r')
if 'chunk_size' in args:
chunk_size = args['chunk_size']
chunk_size = 4096
string_of_zeros = '\0' * chunk_size
done = 0
okay = True
while done < length:
block_size = min(length-done, chunk_size)
# Read bytes from device
b =
# Test that we've got the expected number of bytes, and that they are all zero
if len(b) < block_size or b <> string_of_zeros[0:block_size]:
okay = False
sys.stderr.write("Failed at block beginning at offset %d\n" % (offset+done))
done += block_size
if okay:
return "OK"
return "FAIL"
def get_vdi_lsize(session, args):
sruuid = args['sruuid']
vdiuuid = args['vdiuuid']
(rc,stdout,stderr) = doexec(["/usr/sbin/lvs","--units","b", "VG_XenStorage-%s" % sruuid])
# Get the last field of the last line of output
lines = stdout.rstrip().split('\n')
# Find the line which contains the VDI
vdiline = [elem for elem in lines if elem.find('VHD-%s'%vdiuuid)].pop()
fields = vdiline.rstrip().split(' ')
lastfield = fields.pop()
# Remove the trailing "B"
return lastfield.rstrip('B')
def get_sr_vfree(session, args):
sruuid = args['sruuid']
(rc,stdout,stderr) = doexec(["/usr/sbin/vgs","--units","b", "VG_XenStorage-%s" % sruuid])
# Get the last field of the last line of output
lines = stdout.rstrip().split('\n')
lastline = lines.pop()
fields = lastline.rstrip().split(' ')
lastfield = fields.pop()
# Remove the trailing "B"
return lastfield.rstrip('B')
def get_journals(session, args):
"""Returns the names of any logical volumes which are not called 'MGT' or begin 'VHD-' or 'LV-'"""
sruuid = args['sruuid']
(rc,stdout,stderr) = doexec(["/usr/sbin/lvs","--noheadings","VG_XenStorage-%s" % sruuid])
# Find the volumes which don't begin with 'MGT' or 'VHD-' or 'LV-'
lines = stdout.rstrip().split('\n')
volumes = [line.lstrip().split(' ').pop(0) for line in lines]
journalvolumes = [vol for vol in volumes if vol <> "MGT" and vol.find('VHD-') != 0 and vol.find('LV-') != 0]
# Return the volume names as a comma-separated list
return ','.join(journalvolumes)
if __name__ == "__main__":
XenAPIPlugin.dispatch({"pattern": pattern,
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