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* Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Citrix Systems Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published
* by the Free Software Foundation; version 2.1 only. with the special
* exception on linking described in file LICENSE.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
open Scenario
open Perfutil
open Client
open Perfdebug
let iscsi_vm_iso = "xenserver-iscsi-target.iso"
let iscsi_vm_template = "Other install media"
let innertemplate = "Windows XP SP3"
let make_iscsi_ip pool =
Printf.sprintf "192.168.%d.200" (pool.ipbase+2)
let find_iscsi_iso session_id =
let vdis = Client.VDI.get_all rpc session_id in
Some (List.find (fun vdi -> Client.VDI.get_name_label rpc session_id vdi = iscsi_vm_iso) vdis)
with _ -> None
(** Create the VM with the iscsi iso attached *)
let make_iscsi session_id pool network =
let iscsi_iso = match find_iscsi_iso session_id with
| Some vdi -> vdi
| None -> failwith "iSCSI VM iso not found" in
let template = List.hd (Client.VM.get_by_name_label rpc session_id iscsi_vm_template) in
let newvm = Client.VM.clone rpc session_id template "ISCSI target server" in
Client.VM.provision rpc session_id newvm;
let _ (* isovbd *) = Client.VBD.create rpc session_id newvm iscsi_iso "0" true `RO `CD false false [] "" [] in
let realpool = List.hd (Client.Pool.get_all rpc session_id) in
let defaultsr = Client.Pool.get_default_SR rpc session_id realpool in
for i = 0 to pool.iscsi_luns - 1 do
let storage_vdi_label = Printf.sprintf "SCSI VDI %d" i in
let storage_vdi = Client.VDI.create rpc session_id storage_vdi_label "" defaultsr sr_disk_size `user false false [oc_key,pool.key] [] [] [] in
let userdevice = Printf.sprintf "%d" (i+1) in
ignore(Client.VBD.create rpc session_id newvm storage_vdi userdevice false `RW `Disk false false [] "" [])
Client.VM.set_PV_bootloader rpc session_id newvm "pygrub";
Client.VM.set_PV_args rpc session_id newvm (Printf.sprintf "net_ip=%s net_mask=" (make_iscsi_ip pool));
Client.VM.set_HVM_boot_policy rpc session_id newvm "";
let (_ : API.ref_VIF) = Client.VIF.create rpc session_id "0" network newvm "" 1500L [oc_key,pool.key] "" [] in
Client.VM.add_to_other_config rpc session_id newvm oc_key pool.key;
let localhost_uuid = Xapi_inventory.lookup "INSTALLATION_UUID" in
Client.VM.start_on rpc session_id newvm (Client.Host.get_by_uuid rpc session_id localhost_uuid) false false;
Some newvm
with e ->
debug "Caught exception with iscsi VM: %s" (Printexc.to_string e);
let make ~rpc ~session_id ~pool ~vm ~networks ~storages =
let wintemplate = List.hd (Client.VM.get_by_name_label ~rpc ~session_id ~label:innertemplate) in
let host_refs = Array.of_list (Client.Host.get_all ~rpc ~session_id) in
for i = 0 to (Array.length storages) - 1 do
Printf.printf "Creating %d VMs in SR %d\n%!" vm.num i;
for j = 0 to vm.num - 1 do
let newname = Printf.sprintf "VM %d%s%s" j (if Array.length storages > 1 then Printf.sprintf " in SR %d" i else "") (if vm.tag <> "" then " - "^vm.tag else "") in
let clone = Client.VM.clone ~rpc ~session_id ~vm:wintemplate ~new_name:newname in
Client.VM.add_tags ~rpc ~session_id ~self:clone ~value:vm.tag;
Client.VM.remove_from_other_config ~rpc ~session_id ~self:clone ~key:"disks";
for userdevice = 0 to vm.vbds - 1 do
Printf.printf " - creating VDI %d for VM %d on SR %d of %d\n%!" userdevice j i (Array.length storages);
let newdisk = Client.VDI.create ~rpc ~session_id ~name_label:"Guest disk" ~name_description:"" ~sR:storages.(i)
~virtual_size:4194304L ~_type:`user ~sharable:false ~read_only:false ~xenstore_data:[] ~other_config:[]
~sm_config:[] ~tags:[] in
ignore(Client.VBD.create ~rpc ~session_id ~vM:clone ~vDI:newdisk ~userdevice:(string_of_int userdevice) ~bootable:false
~mode:`RW ~_type:`Disk ~unpluggable:true ~empty:false ~qos_algorithm_type:"" ~qos_algorithm_params:[] ~other_config:[])
Client.VM.provision ~rpc ~session_id ~vm:clone;
for device = 0 to (min vm.vifs (Array.length networks)) - 1 do
ignore(Client.VIF.create ~rpc ~session_id ~device:(string_of_int device) ~network:networks.(device)
~vM:clone ~mAC:"" ~mTU:1500L ~other_config:[] ~qos_algorithm_type:"" ~qos_algorithm_params:[])
Client.VM.set_memory_static_min ~rpc ~session_id ~self:clone ~value:16777216L;
Client.VM.set_memory_dynamic_min ~rpc ~session_id ~self:clone ~value:16777216L;
Client.VM.set_memory_dynamic_max ~rpc ~session_id ~self:clone ~value:16777216L;
Client.VM.set_memory_static_max ~rpc ~session_id ~self:clone ~value:16777216L;
if vm.has_affinity && Array.length storages = Array.length host_refs
then Client.VM.set_affinity ~rpc ~session_id ~self:clone ~value:host_refs.(i);
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