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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Read in all the packages installed in dom0 and sum up the
# "memory-requirement-mb" attributes of the <repository> nodes. (Default
# is 0.) Then work out what memory-target *should* be and set it.
# To calculate memory-target we add these to (memory-static-min + 100MiB) and
# truncate this value to between memory-static-min and memory-static-max.
import XenAPI
import sys
import os
import time
import traceback
import xml.dom.minidom
from xml.parsers.expat import ExpatError
INSTALLED_REPOS_DIR = '@ETCDIR@/installed-repos'
def main():
session = XenAPI.xapi_local()
logged_in = False
# read dom0 uuid out of inventory file
uuid = filter(lambda x: x.startswith('CONTROL_DOMAIN_UUID'), open('@INVENTORY@').readlines())[0].strip().split('=')[1].strip("'")
oref = rec = None
for tries in range(180):
session.xenapi.login_with_password("", "")
logged_in = True
# get dom0's DB record
oref = session.xenapi.VM.get_by_uuid(uuid)
rec = session.xenapi.VM.get_record(oref)
# repeat after a delay
if oref == None:
if logged_in:
print >> sys.stderr, "Xapi is not ready. Aborting."
return 1
static_min = int(rec['memory_static_min'])
static_max = int(rec['memory_static_max'])
current_target = int(rec['memory_target'])
additional_mb = 0
packs = os.listdir(INSTALLED_REPOS_DIR)
for pack in packs:
xmldoc = xml.dom.minidom.parse(os.path.join(INSTALLED_REPOS_DIR, pack, 'XS-REPOSITORY'))
additional_mb_str = xmldoc.documentElement.getAttribute('memory-requirement-mb')
if additional_mb_str:
additional_mb += int(additional_mb_str)
# new memory target
memory_target = static_min + (100<<20) + (additional_mb<<20)
print >> sys.stdout, "Memory required by all installed packages: %d" % memory_target
if memory_target <= current_target:
print >> sys.stdout, "Current target %d greater, skipping" % current_target
return 0
if memory_target > static_max:
print >> sys.stdout, "Truncating to static-max: %d" % static_max
memory_target = static_max
print >> sys.stdout, "Setting VM.memory_target: %d" % memory_target
# Next line commented out because this doesn't seem to work - maybe a bug in the Python bindings
#session.xenapi.VM.set_memory_target_live(oref, memory_target)
# Do this instead
import subprocess['xe','vm-memory-target-set', 'uuid=%s' % uuid, 'target=%d' % memory_target])
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
rc = 1
rc = main()
ex = sys.exc_info()
err = traceback.format_exception(*ex)
for exline in err:
print >> sys.stderr, exline
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