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CA-70188: Remove invalid pool patches from the database at xapi startup.

A pool_patch is valid if either:

- It has been applied to at least one host, or
- Its file exists on the master filesystem.

It neither of these is true, we can delete the pool_patch object.

Signed-off-by: John Else <>
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commit 8dd205dfcf0ebf3a2fa3f0f0567be2397701f462 1 parent 0817d46
@johnelse authored
Showing with 18 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +18 −1 ocaml/xapi/
19 ocaml/xapi/
@@ -183,6 +183,22 @@ let ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist __context =
let ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist_noexn __context = Helpers.log_exn_continue "ensuring VM_metrics flags exist" ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist __context
+let destroy_invalid_pool_patches ~__context =
+ let is_valid_pool_patch patch =
+ (* If patch has been applied to at least one host, then it is valid. *)
+ if (Db.Pool_patch.get_host_patches ~__context ~self:patch) <> [] then true
+ (* If patch hasn't been applied to any host, but we can still apply it, then it is valid. *)
+ (* File needs to exist in the master's filesystem for us to be able to apply it. *)
+ else if (Sys.file_exists (Db.Pool_patch.get_filename ~__context ~self:patch)) then true
+ else false
+ in
+ let pool_patches = Db.Pool_patch.get_all ~__context in
+ List.iter
+ (fun patch ->
+ if not (is_valid_pool_patch patch)
+ then Db.Pool_patch.destroy ~__context ~self:patch)
+ pool_patches
(* Update the database to reflect current state. Called for both start of day and after
an agent restart. *)
let update_env __context =
@@ -220,4 +236,5 @@ let update_env __context =
is to just clear the cache, which we do here. *)
Helpers.clear_tools_sr_cache ();
- ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist_noexn __context
+ ensure_vm_metrics_records_exist_noexn __context;
+ destroy_invalid_pool_patches ~__context

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