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Allow CLI querying of DB dump files.

Signed-off-by: John Else <>
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commit babce72971f918f8755d9942f45c750a6f1588da 1 parent e1a4109
@johnelse authored
Showing with 9 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +9 −3 ocaml/xapi/
12 ocaml/xapi/
@@ -558,18 +558,24 @@ type params = (string * string) list
(* If the parameter is not present, use the original session_id. *)
let with_specified_database rpc session_id params f =
let database_params = read_map_params "database" params in
- let use_foreign_database = List.mem_assoc "vdi-uuid" database_params in
+ let use_db_vdi = List.mem_assoc "vdi-uuid" database_params in
+ let use_db_file = List.mem_assoc "db-file" database_params in
+ if use_db_vdi && use_db_file then
+ failwith "xapi can query a DB vdi or a DB file, but not both.";
let session_id =
- if use_foreign_database then begin
+ if use_db_vdi then begin
let database_vdi_uuid = List.assoc "vdi-uuid" database_params in
let database_vdi = Client.VDI.get_by_uuid ~rpc ~session_id ~uuid:database_vdi_uuid in
Client.VDI.open_database ~rpc ~session_id ~self:database_vdi
+ end else if use_db_file then begin
+ let database_file = List.assoc "db-file" database_params in
+ Client.Session.create_from_db_file ~rpc ~session_id ~filename:database_file
end else
(fun () -> f session_id)
- (fun () -> if use_foreign_database then Client.Session.logout ~rpc ~session_id)
+ (fun () -> if use_db_vdi || use_db_file then Client.Session.logout ~rpc ~session_id)
let make_param_funs getall getallrecs getbyuuid record class_name def_filters def_list_params rpc session_id =
let get_record2 rpc session_id x =
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