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This project is based on the JXMapViewer component of SwingX-WS.

The project was hosted at SwingLabs.org, but has been discontinued. We extracted the JXMapViewer part from the latest SwingX-WS version available and continue developing it.

The JXMapViewer Tutorial by Joshua Marinacci gives a good overview over the functionality of the component.

This source code used in this project is based on:

The content of this project are also available at Maven Central and can be referenced in your pom.xml:


What we have done so far ..

  • Extract the JXMapViewer part from the full package
  • Upgrade to Java 6
  • Fixed javadoc
  • Replaced system.out.println() with apache.commons.logging
  • Removed broken TileProviders
  • Remove dependencies to SwingX (and its indirect dependencies)
  • Fixed tile caching so that only tiles are cached, not everything
  • Extract user interaction from the viewer
  • Make CompoundPainter use Lists instead of Arrays
  • Find out what the "Java One" hack is and replace it with proper implementation
  • Improved zooming in - images of coarser resolution are used until new images are loaded
  • Fixed thread leak when setting new TileFactory
  • Supports OSGi bundles (contains MANIFEST.MF)
  • Supports Maven dependency management

What we plan to do ..


This project has been licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)