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I have added JSONKit to the CocoaPods package manager a while ago.

I didn’t see any planned milestones, but I was wondering if you were planning on releasing v1.5 in the near future? Because there are other libraries which vendor versions of JSONKit newer than the v1.4 tag, which means I can’t make them depend on the v1.4 version for which we have a spec.

Finally, this pull request adds the pod spec to the repo as well. Adding this will allow users to install an unreleased version directly from your repo. It also allows you to more easily keep the spec up-to-date with any possible changes, instead of having to remember it all when releasing a new version.


@johnezang johnezang was assigned Nov 27, 2011

Any chance of this getting merged?


Hey John, just checking in to see if you had any update on when you might release v1.5?

I’m creating a spec for RestKit 0.9.4 which will be released shortly, but it vendors a specific revision, namely c2ef692, which makes sense. In the meantime I’m thinking that I might add a 1.5pre version for the current HEAD.

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