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A simple single-file python library and example program to get data from a TrackIR camera
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This is a windows-only program and library to read the 6 DOF (six degrees of freedom: x,y,z,roll,pitch,yaw) data from a TrackIR camera.

Screenshot of example console program running

To use, buy a TrackIR device, and run the TrackIR software, and make sure that it's working there. If you want raw data, make sure you set the profile to "one:one" and set the smoothing to 0.

Then run the program, and see the data printed out at approximately 100hz.

Running python 3 in Windows

To run, you can use run it within visual studio code, or from a git bash command line like:

winpty python3.exe ./

(It might ask you to install python3 first)

Or log to a file like:

winpty python3.exe ./ > log.csv

Using the library

To use the library it is as simple as:

    import tkinter
    import time
    from trackir import TrackIRDLL

    trackrIr = TrackIRDLL(tkinter.Tk().wm_frame())
    while True:
        data = trackrIr.NP_GetData()

Please see for more details.

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