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This is a quick program to deminstrate the usage of mcrypt to encrypt a string.

This is only the encryption not the decryption. Decryption can be done the same way only using mdecrypt_generic.

Compile Instructions

  1. Download and install libmcrypt ..* From source: ..* From yum: yum install libmcrypt-devel ..* From apt: sudo apt-get install libmcrypt-dev
  2. Compile: gcc -lmcrypt aes.c -o aes

There is also a ./ for convenience.

Things Learned

  1. IV's need to be 16 char lengths.
  2. Key should also be 16 char length.
  3. The encryption text should be a mod of 16. So if it is under there should be padding.
  4. rijndael-128 is the same as AES-128, but rijndael-256 is not the same as AES-256. AES was built from rijndael-128`.
  5. When printing HEX text use unsigned char or else you'll get a bunch of FFFFFF's :P

Resources - Very nice example.