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My .irbrc file (for the Interactive Ruby console, IRb)

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This is my .irbrc configuration file

Where to place it?

Place it in your home directory (~/.irbrc) or you can symlink it from other folder like this: $ cd ~ (or 'cd') $ ln -s folder/where/you/cloned/this/repo/irbrc/ruby_console_initializer.rb .irbrc



I use a simple prompt for the IRb sessions

IRB.conf[:PROMPT_MODE] = :SIMPLE And a customized one for Rails sessions IRB.conf[:PROMPT][:RAILS] = {}

ActiveRecord log

This will print the log in the console.

IRB.conf[:IRB_RC] = do

	logger =

ActiveRecord::Base.logger = logger …

IRb Helper methods

clear - clear the screen ri - it's a wrapper to the ri command-line ruby documentation utility

Core Extensions

Object local_methods - shows the methods of an object getting rid of the Object.instance_methods eigenclass - please read about meta-programming in Ruby to_pboard - “some text”.to_pboard copies “some text” to the Mac OS's default pasteboard (alias 'to_pb') paste - it pastes the content of the Mac OS's default pasteboard to_find - a wrapper to to_pboard :find ql - do you know the QuickLook feature on Mac OS? well, “path/to/folder_or_image”.ql will show you the folder stats or the image, Ctrl-C will close it

Class class_methods defined_methods - returns a hash with two keys :instance (instance methods) and :class (class methods) metaclass - returns the eigenclass the “include” method is a public one to help to include modules easily.


q => exit cl => clear (helper method)

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project.

  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.

  • Send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.


Forked by John Gibb

Copyright © 2010 Rafael Magaña. See LICENSE for details.

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