An Arduino library for the INA219 I2C current monitor
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* TI INA219 hi-side i2c current/power monitor Library for Arduino
* 6 May 2012 by John De Cristofaro
* Tested at standard i2c 100kbps signaling rate.
* This library does not handle triggered conversion modes. It uses the INA219
* in continuous conversion mode. All reads are from continous conversions.
* A note about the gain (PGA) setting:
*	The gain of the ADC pre-amplifier is programmable in the INA219, and can
*	be set between 1/8x (default) and unity. This allows a shunt voltage 
*	range of +/-320mV to +/-40mV respectively. Something to keep in mind,
*	however, is that this change in gain DOES NOT affect the resolution
*	of the ADC, which is fixed at 1uV. What it does do is increase noise
*	immunity by exploiting the integrative nature of the delta-sigma ADC.
*	For the best possible reading, you should set the gain to the range
*	of voltages that you expect to see in your particular circuit. See
*	page 15 in the datasheet for more info about the PGA.
* Known bugs:
*     * may return unreliable values if not connected to a bus or at
*	bus currents below 10uA.
* Arduino 1.0 compatible as of 6/6/2012
* Dependencies:
*    * Arduino Wire library
* MIT license