Generating sound with recurrent neural networks
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Generating sound using recurrent neural networks.

For more details, see my blog post:


This code is written in Lua and requires Torch. See the Torch installation documentation for more details.

The following packages are also required (and can be installed using luarocks):

$ luarocks install nngraph
$ luarocks install optim
$ luarocks install nn

Also install the following (see the respective repositories for installation instructions):


Run train.lua with no parameters to get a list of arguments. The audio file that you pass in should be a single-channel wav file. For example (using the included sine tone):

$ th train.lua -audio audio/sine_440.wav -model_file sine_440.t7 -batch_size 10 -seq_length 10 -rnn_size 100 -num_partials 10 -mdn_components 1 -num_layers 1

To generate audio, run sample.lua (again no parameters for an argument list). For example:

$ th sample.lua -model sine_440.t7 -length 3000 -output sine_resynth.wav


This code is based on a number of great examples: