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Header for intmdt_code_gen.c
By: John Gunderman
This file contains structs and function prototypes dealing with
the generation of intermediate code.
#include "hash_tables.h"
#include "linked_lists.h"
#define MAXCODELEN 8192
/* Constants for the type of data structures in the language. */
int int_var;
int double_var;
int float_var;
int true_var;
int false_var;
int unknown_var;
typedef struct {
list_head_t *truelist;
list_head_t *falselist;
} boolean_list_t;
typedef struct quadruple quadruple_t;
/* TODO: floats not entirely supported as of yet. */
typedef struct {
enum {symbol, int_const, float_const, bool_const, code} type;
union {
struct list_entry_t *entry_ptr;
int *int_const_ptr;
float *float_const_ptr;
int *bool_const_ptr;
quadruple_t *instr_ptr;
} addr;
} intmdt_addr_t;
struct quadruple {
char *op;
intmdt_addr_t *arg1;
intmdt_addr_t *arg2;
intmdt_addr_t *result;
typedef struct {
quadruple_t *code[MAXCODELEN];
unsigned int n; /* Number of instructions in code */
} intmdt_code_t;
typedef struct env_t {
hash_table_t *table;
struct env_t *prev;
} env_t;
typedef struct id_type_t {
void *type; /* type of var */
unsigned int dimension; /* vector dimension */
unsigned int size; /* size of child dimension */
struct id_type_t *subsize; /* struct of child dimensions */
struct id_type_t *supersize; /* struct of the parent dimensions */
unsigned int location;
} id_type_t;
int gen(intmdt_code_t *intermediate_code,
char *op, intmdt_addr_t *arg1, intmdt_addr_t *arg2,
intmdt_addr_t *result);
intmdt_addr_t *newtemp(env_t *top);
unsigned int sizeofidtype(id_type_t *t);
list_entry_t *widen(intmdt_code_t *code, env_t *top, intmdt_addr_t *a, id_type_t *t);
void print_id_type (void *id);
intmdt_code_t *init_code();
env_t *init_env();
void print_intmdt_code(intmdt_code_t *code);
env_t *push_env_table(env_t *env);
env_t *pop_env_table(env_t *env);
void print_env(env_t *head);
id_type_t *env_search(env_t *env, char *str);
unsigned int sizeofenv(env_t *env);
/* Truelist and Falselist Functions: */
int quadruple_cmp(const void *, const void *);
list_head_t *list_makelist(quadruple_t *instr_ptr);
list_head_t *list_merge(list_head_t *p1, list_head_t *p2);
int backpatch(list_head_t *p, quadruple_t *i);
/* =========================== */
/* Structure Freeing Functions */
/* =========================== */
void free_env(env_t *env);
void free_quadruple(quadruple_t *quad);
void free_intmdt_code(intmdt_code_t *code);
void free_id_type(id_type_t *id);