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Public source code from Filmic Worlds, LLC.
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This github repo (fw-public) consists of shared code made available for use under the Creative Commons CCO license. This code is extracted from the Filmic Worlds, LLC codebase.

Filmic Tone Curve and Color Grading

The Filmic Tone Curve includes a filmic tonemapping curve using three segments of a power curve. The Filmic Color Grading include the tone curve as well as several operations for Exposure, Color Balance, Saturation, Contrast, and Lift/Gamma/Gain.


FilmicColorGrading::UserParams userParams; // User params are the input


FilmicColorGrading::RawParams rawParams; FilmicColorGrading::EvalParams evalParams; FilmicColorGrading::BakedParams bakeParams;

FilmicColorGrading::RawFromUserParams(rawParams, userParams); FilmicColorGrading::EvalFromRawParams(evalParams,rawParams); FilmicColorGrading::BakeFromEvalParams(bakeParams,evalParams,256,FilmicColorGrading::kTableSpacing_Quadratic);


Vec3 srcColor = ...;

Vec3 dstColor = bakeParams.Eval(srcColor);

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