Brackets extension which give you shell access for both Windows and *nix platforms.
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** This repository is no longer maintained. **


A brackets extension giving you access to the system shell within brackets.

##Usage Brackets-Shell adds a new icon on the right panel: click on it to toggle the shell's panel

##Options Brackets-Shell adds the following options to your brackets.json file:

  • hdy.brackets-shell.dark: set to true if you are using Bracket's dark theme (defaults to false)

  • hdy.brackets-shell.trackProject: set to true if you want to have the Bracket's shell automatically be set to your project's root directory

  • set to the path of your shell (i.e "/bin/sh" or "/bin/bash"). For Windows this should be set to "cmd.exe"

  • item 1

  • itme 2

  • item 3


##Change Log Please see

##License MIT. Please see LICENSE