Some samples of my coding work
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Some samples of my coding work

Each directory in this repository contains selected code files from a specific project of mine.

caci - Contains all the source code (and templates for data files) for, a responsive website written with Bootstrap and AngularJS.

cacpittsburgh - Contains scripts (Google Apps Script and JavaScript) that insert a custom web page object for user input and act on a data source based on the input.

capassorenovations - Files from a residential contractor website. Designed and developed 2012 using XHTML 1.0 and PHP.

compsolutionsllc - A few files from a site that advertises services of a computer services firm. Designed and developed 2011 using XHTML 1.0 and PHP. (Customer has since assumed control of his website through Wordpress.) View at

caci-old - A few files from old website, designed and developed 2008 using PHP and HTML 4.01.

[Note that I solely developed, and carried out the entire project life cycle for, the above-mentioned websites.]