OpenFoos is a system to register foosball games and keep track of game history and statistics.
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Openfoos is a project that will help foosball players to keep track of games, score, rank and teams.
We want to introduce features of a social, fun and simple game.

Please feel free to join in or give feedback on our features. We want to learn! :)

See also the project page for the startup of OpenFoos:

                          How to install

Curently the user manual is only in Norwegian. It can be found on the last pages in this pdf:

Quick start guide

First you have to download play 1.2.4 version from
Second you have to connect to a MySQL Db. This can be done by editing OpenFoos/conf/application.conf file (ln nr. 91) 


Now you are almost ready to go! You just have to start the play server. 
Just visit http://localhost:9000/ or http://localhost:9000/game

For more information about playframework visit