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Awesome Theravada Awesome


Theravada is a branch of Buddhism that draws its doctrine from the Pāli Canon, one of the oldest surviving records of the Buddha's teachings.




  • Allowing Things to Arise - How to handle the desire to get rid of negative mind states.
  • Grasping and Clining - The four different kinds of attachment and how to eliminate the causes of those attachments.
  • Letting Go - Letting go through contemplation, explained with concrete examples.
  • ThoughtCo - Clear and well-written series on Buddhism by Barbara O'Brien, with many references to the Pāli Canon.



Dhamma Talks


  • BuddhaNet - Sample of talks from teachers of several traditions, both lay and ordained.
  • Buddhist Society of Western Australia - Talks from the BSWA organized by teacher and category.
  • - Library of teachings from a wide variety of places, sortable by teacher and collection.
  • - English translations of suttas, audio talks, and books by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
  • Tisarana - Recorded talks from Tisarana Buddhist Monastery in Canada.


  • Discuss & Discover - Forums for SuttaCentral early Buddhist texts.
  • Dhamma Wheel - Discussion on a wide variety of topics pertaining to Theravada Buddhism.
  • Dhammaloka Community - Ask and learn from the members of Dhammaloka City Centre in Australia.


  • Forest Sangha - Home of the international monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah.
  • Sirimangalo International - Teachings on meditation and Buddhism in audio, video, and printed format. It is also a meditation centre located in Hamilton, Ontario.


  • Pali Tutor - Practice declensions, conjugations, and vocabulary.
  • Pronunciation - Single page guide on the Pali alphabet and its pronunciation.
  • Bhikkhu Bodhi's A Course in the Pali Language - Designed to help you to learn the basics of Pali grammar and vocabulary through direct study of selections from the Buddha’s discourses. It aims to enable you to read the Buddha’s discourses in the original as quickly as possible.
  • Buddha Vacana - This website is dedicated to those who wish to understand better the words of the Buddha by learning the basics of Pali language, but who don't have much time available for it.
  • Pali Suffixes - List of the different ways words can end, from the Pali Dictionary by Kogen Mizuno.
  • Basic Pāli Noun Declension (PDF) - Cheatsheet with the various forms that nouns can take.
  • Pali Verbal Endings (PDF) - Cheatsheet with verbal endings based on tense.
  • Morphological analyzer and generator for Pali (PDF) - First step in the direction of the morphological analysis of Pali.
  • Chant Pali - Helpful guides for chanting and learning the most common Pali phrases, broken down line-by-line and syllable-by-syllable.
  • Pratyeka - Comprehensive study of Pali through three textbooks.



  • Abhayagiri - Redwood Valley, California - Environment in which individuals and families are given the opportunity to be in contact with the principles of the Buddha's teachings.
  • Amaravati - Hertfordshire, England - Place of practice for monks and nuns in the Forest Tradition.
  • Aruna Ratanagiri - Northumberland, England - Forest Tradition monastery headed by abbot Ajahn Munindo.
  • Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery - Woodinville, Washington - Theravada monastery that offers free services, books, and meditation sessions.
  • Bodhinyanarama - Wellington, New Zealand - Sanctuary in a wooded valley that serves as a monastic residence and public area for Buddhist events.
  • Buddha Bodhivana - East Warburton, Victoria, Australia - Forest monastery in a small town.
  • Cittaviveka - Hampshire, England - Primarily a residence for monks and nuns.
  • Dhamma Vihara - Veracruz, Mexico - Facilitates group and individual meditation retreats.
  • Dhammapala - Kandersteg, Switzerland - Quiet monastery in the mountains.
  • Mosteiro Suddhavāri - São Lourenço, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Forest Tradition monastery with Ajahn Mudito as its resident monastic.
  • Sitavana - Forest Monastary, Kamloops, British Columbia - Forest Tradition monastery with Ajahn Sona as abbot.
  • Temple Forest Monastery - Temple, New Hampshire - Balance of wilderness, seclusion, and accessibility.
  • Wat Nong Pah Pong - Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - Forest monastery established by the venerable Ajahn Chah.
  • Wat Pah Nanachat - Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - Where English-speakers can practice the simple lifestyle as taught by the Buddha.


  • Wat San Fran - San Francisco, California - Temple for learning, celebrating Buddhist holidays, as well as experiencing Thai culture.


  • Hillside Hermitage - Small hermitage for monks of the Forest Tradition near the Knuckles mountain range in Sri Lanka.
  • Pacific Hermitage - White Salmon, Washington - Small monastery where monks can devote time to study and meditation.
  • The Forest Hermitage - Warwickshire, England - Headquarters of the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Organisation.

Meditation Centers

Russian Language

  • - A variety of resources.
  • - An introduction to Theravada Buddhism from the St. Petersburg community.


Individual Suttas


  • Access to Insight - Translations of over one thousand suttas from the Pali Canon.
  • Ancient Buddhist Texts - Original texts, translations, and Pali material.
  • Apadāna (Legends of the Buddhist Saints) - Complete translation of six hundred autobiographical poems ascribed to the accomplished Buddhas and Arahants of the early Buddhist community.
  • dhammadāna - Learn about the Buddha's original teachings in French, English, Italian, Burmese, and Japanese.
  • Dhammapada - Short verses that summarize the essential principles of the Buddha's teachings.
  • Parallel Reading of the Dhammapada - Read and compare multiple versions of the Dhammapada side-by-side.
  • Sādhu! - World directory of physical locations and websites.
  • SuttaCentral - Early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels in many languages.


Individual Videos

  • Ask A Monk: Divorce - Discussion of divorce that leads back to the fundamentals of Buddhism.
  • Ask A Monk: Life Partners - Suffering does not come from not getting what you want, but from the wanting itself.
  • Dana en Wat Pah Nanachat - A walk through of daily life at Wat Pah Nanachat, focusing on the topic of generosity and the role it plays in Buddhist life. (Español with English subtitles)
  • The Mindful Way - BBC documentary about the life and function of a Buddhist monastery of the Forest Tradition in Thailand.

YouTube Channels


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