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Zero config static site generator for blogs.


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Blognow is a static site generator for blogs.

There is no configuration, confusing theme files, or complex hierarchies of pages and posts. It uses an opinionated, straightforward design courtesy of Water.css.


To build the binary, run

go build .

You should then have the binary blognow in the same directory as the project. The path to the binary can then be added to the PATH for easy usage no matter where you are.


blognow my-blog creates a new blog in the directory my-blog.

You'll see a few directories inside:

  • posts is where you write posts as .md files
  • templates are the HTML templates (you shouldn't need to modify anything here)
  • config.toml is a configuration file, ready to go. It really is no configuration, but you may want to change the name of the blog.


A default config file is automatically created when you make a new blog.

baseURL = ""
title = "My Blog"
tagline = "Don't sail too close to the wind"
dateFormat = "2 January 2006"

There is no configuration apart from the four lines you see here.

Generating the blog

blognow generates a static site in dist/. You can copy these files to any place where you can host static websites. It looks in the posts/ directory and formats any correctly structured .md file as HTML.

It creates an index page (the latest post), individual post pages, and an archive page.

Post format

title = "Post Title"
date = 2019-06-28

# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3

This is a paragraph.

- This
- is
- a
- list.

Refer to a Markdown reference for a complete list of formatting options.

Running your blog locally

$ npm i http-server -g
$ http-server dist/


Dark theme

If the computer is set to use a dark theme, a dark theme will automatically be applied.


Blognow is currently under development. If you would like to report an issue or suggest a feature, please do so!

Pull requests are welcome!