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client side of extensions. Loaded into .html files by some content_scripts. API maps to postMessage:
ConsoleAPI.prototype = {
getMessages: function(callback)
extensionServer.sendRequest({ command: commands.GetConsoleMessages }, callback);
var extensionServer = new ExtensionServerClient();
is a proxy creates a MessageChannel to devtools.html and routes the response to callback.
This is very similar to my
connection.postObject(url, obj, callback, errback);
Within the ExtensionAPI
this.onMessageAdded = new EventSink(events.ConsoleMessageAdded);
ConsoleMessageAdded: "console-message-added",
server side of extensions. Runs in devtools.html.
takes a window.message event 'registerExtension' and opens a MessageChannel back to the poster.
services its end of the channel to
1) dispatch incoming commands
the command are registered when ExtensionServer is created.
2) notify subscribers of events.
a command Subscribe takes a message 'type' to register the remote port for events matching 'type'.
This is similar to my put() to the connection.putObject(
defines chrome.devtools if platformExtensionAPI() is called
some kind of concatenation of ExtensionAPI.js and DevtoolsExtensionAPI.js
remoteDebug.onEvent fires backend.dispatch.apply(backend, [data]);, so
we can issue ExtensionServer _notifyRemoteDebugEvent() from there. Do it in onEvent in
Debuggee for now.
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