A jQuery plugin for animating an incrementing number.
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A jQuery plugin for incrementing up to a certain number, for effect.

See it in action here.




HTML Attributes

Some things can be set at HTML attributes. These take precedence over the JavaScript options.

Attribute Description
data-from Start from this number
data-to Count to this number
data-dp Decimal places

JavaScript options

Name Default Description
from 0 Start from this number
to null Count to this number. When null, use contents of element.
decimalPlaces null How many decimal places. When null, determine from contents of element.
decimalPoint '.'
thousandSeparator ','
duration 1000 Total length of animation (ms)
leeway 50 Amount to which duration may randomly vary (percent)
easing 'spincrementEasing' Function ...
fade true Use fade effect
complete null Callback function called when animation is done