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Watch Activity



Load time

I also noticed that the chart took a long time to load. Is there a way to have a “percent loaded” counter? I could not quite understand if my browser was crashed or if my connection was too slow, etc. and I was ready to give up, until the visualization loaded.


Doable features

Popover in the compare section?

Perhaps in the “Compare”, the popup should contain information about all countries, to allow for easier comparison. (e.g., “peru 37 workers online, venezuela 3 workers online”)

Questionable features

Make fisheye only pop up for certain small countries

The fisheye effect seems gimmicky when done for big countries. Perhaps it can be enabled only over small selection areas?

Later features

Deeper dive into activity in the watch section

Perhaps add the ability to select a given week of the year, in the watch section.

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