Tools to work with New Jersey's cadastral spatial data. (Python and PostgreSQL)
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Tools to help work with cadastral data in New Jersey.


All code within this repository is licensed under the GPL, version 3. This is a "copyleft" license. Please review the GPLv3 prior to incorporating this code into your own work.


Contributions to this repository are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to improve the code and submit a pull request.

About New Jersey's Cadastral Data

Tools in this Repository

A python script to help you compare .dbf file structures. Helpful when you're trying to make sense of a group of shapefiles.

A python script to download the available spatial and tabular data from NJGIN, New Jersey's spatial data clearinghouse.

A shell script to download, extract and convert MOD-IV flat files to CSV.

A python script to convert MOD-IV flat files to CSV format.

Downloads, extracts and converts the flat-file assessment rolls to CSV.

Module to process NJ's Certified Tax Lists in flat-file text format. Can produce CSVs or SQL to import into PostgreSQL or MySQL.

Similar to the TaxListParser above, this will process the SR1A files allowing you to extract the data into CSV, PostgreSQL or MySQL. Supports current and 2012-and-prior SR1A file formats.

Quick and dirty script to dump an SR1A file to standard output.

Last updated 2015-12-05