Issue labeling

John Kerl edited this page Aug 31, 2015 · 3 revisions

Initially I used high/medium/low but I didn't find those labels sufficiently compelling or informative. Some issues move through quickly due to their very simplicity, in spite of their non-urgency; on the other hand, very impactful issues might be quick fixes, or might be major projects. A high/medium/low scheme conflates sequencing with severity, and should not.

As of 2015-08-30 I am using the following to indicate sequencing:

  • active means being worked on
  • on deck means likely next to work on
  • unscheduled means everything but active, on deck, or wishlist
  • wishlist means I personally have no urgency for these, but feel free to pick them up if you're interested

I'm not using a label to indicate severity, although I do use "bug".

At some point I may create an separate, orthogonal label pair for complexity: e.g. quickfix vs. majorproject.

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