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Yeeple is a board game review site, which allows users to search for board games and read/write reviews. It is built with Ruby on Rails on the backend, a PostgreSQL database, and React.js with a Flux architectural framework on the frontend.

Features & Implementation

Single-Page App


Yeeple is a single-page app where all content is delivered on one static page.

Using the React router, the root page will render different components based on the location pathname.


filters Using the search/bar component from the header or the front page, the user can search for boardgames by name or category. They can also choose to browse through the entire board game library by typing all games or all in the searchbox. Then, the user can use the filters on the left sidebar to filter out the results by number of players/playing time/age/difficulty level to find the exact type of games that they want.


categories From the categories page, the user can browse through board games by categories. The left categories/index component lists out all the categories which the user can click through. The CategoryActions dispatches a fetchCategory action to fetch all the games in the currently selected category. When the selected category changes, the CategoryListener which listens to any changes to the currently selected category will trigger the CategoryActions once again to update the board game listing accordingly.

Board Game Details Page

boardgamedetails Each row in the Boardgame table contains specific information about each board game. Using the boardgameId provided by the pathname, BoardgameActions dispatches a fetchBoardgame action to fetch the corresponding information from the Boardgame table. The board game details page also renders the reviews/index component which displays all its reviews.


reviews Clicking on the "Write a Review" button from the board game details page will trigger a showForm method which will render the reviews/new form component to the details page. The user can choose a meeple (star) rating, write a review title and description. Using the window.localStorage property, a form draft is saved inside the object so that the user can start on a review and come back later to finish writing the review. The data stored in the storage is cleared when the form is submitted. Form validations are in place using the ErrorListener and form submission redirect is triggered when change is emitted from the ReviewStore.

Profile and Recent Activity

profile Each User has a row in the Profile table which references the user using the foreign key user_id. The profile/show component, on componentDidMount fetches the corresponding profile using the ProfileActions.fetchProfile action. The profile page also renders the recent_activity component which displays the recent reviews posted by the specific user. This is in contrast to the front page where it utilizes the same recent_activity component to render the recent activity for all users.