Matlab toolbox for Electrodermal Activity (EDA) data management, cleaning, and analysis.
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Breathe Easy EDA (BEEDA) is a simple but flexible toolbox for Electrodermal Activity (EDA)
data management, cleaning, and analysis. This software was specifically designed to 
facilitate the methodical considerations of psychophysiology researchers. BEEDA enables 
users to eliminate EDA respiration artifacts and analyze EDA data using tonic and phasic 
EDA metrics, following from standard methodological implementations. The toolbox is 
suitable for any experiment recording both EDA and respiration data, and flexibly adjusts 
to experiment-specific parameters (e.g., trial structure and analysis parameters). 

BEEDA can be downloaded from
and is distributed with a GNU General Public License v3.0 (see LICENSE.txt). 
The primary documentation for this software is located in the documentaton/ directory. 
This documentation consists of:
The main technical guide for installing, using, and troubleshooting this toolbox.
Poster for this software presented at the 2016 Psychonomic Society, Boston, Massachusetts.  
This file contains a link to the manuscript for this software. 
A useful guide for evaluating respiration artifacts. This document contains the DOI link 
and reference for that guide.
Example raw data can be downloaded at
These datafiles were exported from a Biopac system, and may be helpful for 
exploring BEEDA functionality. 

If you find BEEDA helpful, please cite with information provided at:

For any questions and comments, please e-mail