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Raspberry Pi Utilities
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Raspberry-Pi Utilities

This is a collection of things to do with the Raspberry Pi that are made available to the community in the hope they are useful to others.


ArchBuild will build a new root filesystem for the Raspberry Pi. Use it instead of the official image if you want to tweak the installation.


Building a custom kernel.


Some tools that can help with managing disks (or other storage devices, e.g: sd card) and disk images.


Displays a basic text "test card" on a terminal. Handy for aligning an old composite monitor. Sized for 82 columns by 26 rows.


A collection of notes, scripts and other things that may be of interest. Basically, anything I have found useful will end up in here if they don't fit in anywhere else. See the ScrapBook CONTENTS file details of what's there.



Copyright (c) 2012 John Lane.


This collection of Raspberry-Pi Utilities is provided under the MIT License. See LICENSE file.

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