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Teaching Matters

This separate, dedicated teaching site is designed so that students can access the materials they need no matter where they are. While I try to make as much as possible available publicly, both for students in my courses as well as to interested others, some course materials must remain behind the university paywall (aka Moodle) due to copyright restrictions. (I take fair use seriously.) If you are a visiting student or scholar and would like access to those materials, please get in touch with me.[^1]


Guides and Statements

There are some things all students in my courses need, or want to know.

  • For wtiring-intensive classes, I tend to use Google Drive. Please make sure you have an account and you know not only how to create and edit documents, but you are also familiar with the reviewing functionality, which Google calls "Suggesting". Google for Education has also produced a video on how to research and write a paper using Google Docs, which also has useful tips on how to take and organize notes: Research and Writing.
  • The Chicago Author-Date System.
  • There is a common set of guidelines on how to be a participant in a course I facilitate.
  • Navigating the library proxy when connecting to online databases when you are off campus, and understanding the relationship between the library's website and something like JSTOR can be confusing. Here's some help.
  • "The Zipf Mystery".
  • Teaching Statement -- coming soon.

Useful Things

  • If you don't know about Open Culture, then you should take a look. A variety of materials -- audio books, textbooks -- are available there. In particular, I regularly use their archive of films for teaching.

If you are interested in my research, please see JL.o.

[^1]: Not everything is on this website yet: migrations are slow processes, if only to simplify maintenance of materials. Fellow faculty should feel free to adapt / adopt any of the materials included here. No attribution is required -- but it would be great to get a note from you -- it will make my dean happy, and we all know how important it is to make administrators happy.