Regexp matching on character streams.
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Regexp matching on character streams. The main idea is to provide a simple regular expressions library which takes characters not from string but from function "get":

val get: unit -> char Lwt.t

Primitives supported:
  "c" Matches character "c"
  "[abc]" Matches any of listed characters
  "[^abc]" Matches any of NOT listed characters
  "[\\^\\]]" Matches "^" or "]"
  "[^\\^\\]]" Matches NOT "^" and NOT "]"
  "(grp)" Grouping. Matched group can be extracted from result using function "nth".
  "." Matches any character. Be careful, Rex regexps have no looking-forward algorithms. Regexps such as ".+a" will not ever stop.

Repetition primitives:
  "c" Matches exactly one character "c"
  "c?" Matches zero or one "c"
  "c*" Matches zero or more of "c"'s
  "c+" Matches one or more of "c"'s
  "c{2,5}" Matches 2..5 of "c"'s

Usage example:

let regexp = Rex.regexp "GET ([^ ]+) HTTP"

let get =
   let s = "GET /some/uri HTTP/1.1\n" in
   let pos = ref 0 in
   fun () ->
      let r = s.[pos] in
      incr pos;
      Lwt.return r

let match =
   lwt r = Rex.apply ~get regexp in
   let result =
      match r with
         | None ->
            "no match"
         | Some r ->
            let uri = Rex.nth r 0 in
            "URI=" ^ uri
   Printf.printf "result is: %s\n" result

let _ = match