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A simple function for handling events with streams
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npm i rx-handler

Hello World

Hello World Demo

const myHandler = handler()
from(myHandler).subscribe(message => console.log(message)) //logs "Hello"
myHandler("Hello, world!")

Handle a Click

Handle a Click Demo

import { from } from "rxjs"
import { handler } from "rx-handler"

const button = document.querySelector("button")

const onClick = handler()
button.addEventListener("click", onClick)

from(onClick).subscribe(event => console.log(event))

With Operators

With Operators Demo

import { from } from "rxjs"
import { delay, pluck, withLatestFrom } from "rxjs/operators"
import { handler } from "rx-handler"

const $ = document.querySelector.bind(document)

const input = $("input")
const button = $("button")

const onInput = handler(pluck("target", "value"), delay(250))
input.addEventListener("input", onInput)

const onClick = handler(withLatestFrom(onInput, (click, text) => text))
button.addEventListener("click", onClick)

from(onInput).subscribe(text => ($(".output").innerText = text))
from(onClick).subscribe(event => console.log(event))

Angular Hello World

Angular Hello World Demo

import { Component } from "@angular/core"
import { handler } from "rx-handler"
import { from } from "rxjs"
import { map } from "rxjs/operators"

  selector: "my-app",
  template: `<div>
  <button (click)="onClick()">Click me</button>
  {{date$ | async}}
export class AppComponent {
  onClick = handler()
  date$ = from(this.onClick).pipe(map(() => Math.random()))

Angular Multiple Handlers

Angular Multiple Handlers Demo

import { Component } from "@angular/core"
import { handler } from "rx-handler"
import { combineLatest, from, merge } from "rxjs"
import {
} from "rxjs/operators"

  selector: "my-app",
  template: `<div>
  <button (click)="onInc()">+</button>
  <button (click)="onDec()">-</button>
  <div>{{count$ | async}}</div>

  <input placeholder="Type something" (input)="onInput($event)"/>
  <div>{{text$ | async}}</div>
  <h2>{{slicedText$ | async}}</h2>
export class AppComponent {
  onInc = handler(mapTo(1))
  onDec = handler(mapTo(-1))

  count$ = merge(this.onInc, this.onDec).pipe(
    scan((count, curr) => count + curr)

  onInput = handler(pluck("target", "value"), delay(500))

  text$ = from(this.onInput)

  slicedText$ = combineLatest(this.count$, this.text$, (count, text: string) =>
    text.substring(0, count)


Invoking handler returns a function that can be observed. Thanks to RxJS v6, handler also accepts operators just like .pipe().

const myHandler = handler(map(message => message + "!"))
from(myHandler).subscribe(message => console.log(message)) //logs "Hello!"


Handlers are a core concept of JavaScript, but were impossible in RxJS until I got this PR accepted: Allow Functions in RxJS PR

Creating Subjects to handle events for Angular templates (or any other frameworks) was a huge pain. It never felt quite right to pass a Subject into an event handler and invoke next to push values into a stream. I've always wanted to simply "pass a handler" to events, but still use streams.

rx-handler enables you to pass handlers to events along with the bonus of accepting operators thanks to the new RxJS v6 architecture.

Special Thanks to Nicholas Jamieson

He took my idea which used originally used Proxies and vastly improved it.

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