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See tictactoe.js, index.html, and main.css.

Most of the interesting stuff is in tictactoe.js.  I filled in the functions that you guys gave me, using nested for loops to initialize the board with nulls and check for runs of 3 consecutive Xs and Os.  Then I made a basic HTML document and added a method to the Board object for initializing an HTML table with click handlers that modified the game state, and another method that would check to see if the game was over and if it was, display an alert.


See gift_registry/gift_registry/ and gift_registry/gift_registry/

The second schema makes 3 changes: each user gets an additional integer field tracking their total money contributed, each gift gets a field tracking the total amount that's been contributed to it, and each gift gets an additional boolean field tracking whether it's been fulfilled or not.  These complicate the application logic a bit.  Every time someone makes a contribution, that contribution amount will be added to their total money contributed and the gift's total money contributed.  Additionally, the application will have to check whether a gift's total contribution amount has been reached, in order to make sure its fulfilled boolean is set correctly.